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Pakistan is not short of creative people and when they put their heads together they have come up with great content for audience. While the cinema has gone through a makeover one genre that lagged behind was animation with only a few films made to date. This year was a good one in terms of animations as we got three films. The year was welcomed with Allahyar and the legend of Markhor, followed by The Donkey King. Now our nation’s pride, the two time academy award winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is capping it with the much awaited finale of 3 Bahadur saga.

She had taken this initiative and for the first time an Urdu animated movie graced the cinema. It did so well back in 2015 that the team was back with 3 Bahadur the revenge of Baba Balam the following year. Now after a gap of two years the third film 3 Bahadur: rise of the warriors has opened in theaters this Friday.

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Bravery, sacrifice, solidarity, integrity, preferring mercy over revenge and doing the right thing always no matter what! There you have it, this is the core of the 3 Bahadur franchise. The first movie saw the inception of superpowers in three eleven year old kids Amna, Kamil and Saadi, which are given to them by their beloved Deenu Chacha (voiced by Behroze Shabzwari). What followed was them courageously fighting evil and saving their basti. This time around  loyalties will be questioned and our heroes will be tested. How will they succeed, well you will have to watch the film to find out!

Amna, Kamil and Saadi-3 Bahadurs

They say good content always sells, and we couldn’t agree more in case of 3 Bahadur: rise of the warriors. What really stood out for me is the fact that while the Bahadurs are saviors equipped with super powers, the creators have kept their innocence intact instead of making them wiser than their age. They are essentially children who make silly mistakes and say things out of innocence. The screenplay is well articulated and is engaging. It will definitely touch base with children. Also the story manages to compel the audience that kindness and good deeds can still be done without super powers.

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Babushka and Erma are two new characters introduced in the film voiced by Nimra Bucha and Mehwish Hayat respectively. Mehwish voice over was not as authoritative and commanding in scenes where it needed to be, her presence as Erma doesn’t leave a mark. However since the character has been well conceived, it manages to deliver. Erma’s talking monkey Ghonchu was also an entertaining character as well.

Ghonchu-the talking monkey

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The animation without doubt is on par, with excellent direction and amazing fight sequences. It was interesting that the warriors introduced in this installments were women as opposed to the previous two movies. It brought diversity to the story. Some graphics from Erma and Babushka’s home town Poshinia did remind me of a cartoon Dragon Ball Z that used to air on Cartoon Network when I was a kid. The shield of Babuskha also has slight resemblance to Doctor Strange’s shield. Regardless of the similarities the characters stand out.

What is commendable about the film is the world that they have created in 3 Bahadur is completely original and creative. It has given kids local super heroes to look up to. What is intriguing is the teaser left at the end of the movie that suggested something new is in the works including the Dettol Warriors.

Screen grab

For those who have not watched the previous two parts and have decided not to go for this one, they need not worry. The movie is very self explanatory and they have also included some flashbacks towards the end.

The film has ethically and morally charged content which is the appeal for parents deciding to take their children for this movie. The story, complemented with good humor, hits all the right notes and will resonate with the audience (which are primarily children) . This is a children’s movie through and through, so grab your kids and head out to the cinemas this weekend.


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  1. FARHA imran December 15, 2018

    one of the best and unique animation movie its better then donkey king , best convay msg to children strong script and what a entry of ghonchu Erma and babushka.the film does a great job of focusing on good thinking new characters introduce ghonchu irma and babushka and well developed characters, whose storylines is best overall beautiful animation, great voice acting, good sound, a well thought out storyline and a satisfying cconclusion. ARY Films Best of luck for your success shermeen and all team members of waadi animations