Shamoon Abbasi bursts at the makers of Gumm

Sami Khan and Shamoon Abbasi starrer Gumm released on 11 January. The film has not been able to attract many cinema goers and is seemingly turning out to be a fiasco. Amongst all of this Shamoon Abbasi burst at the makers of Gumm, blaming them for the film’s debacle. He also alleged that the film makers have been unjust with him.

In a live video, Shamoon Abbasi said that Intizar Hussain approached him regarding the film and told him that he was friends with Ammar Lasani. He said that he agreed on half the money that Intizar Hussain had talked about with the producers. He decided to still do the film out of love and respect for Intizar Hussain. He also came on board because of Ammar Lasani’s father, Shakeel Anjum (Chairman, Press Club Islamabad) whom he said is a credible person. He was also convinced by the producer’s degrees initially and hence came on board.

Shamoon Abbasi had previously put a Facebook status calling out the two producers, calling them selfish, narcissistic and egoist. He also alleged that they have used his name and craft to shine, while ruining his hard work. He said that the producers refused to listen to his advice and ended up delivering a bad film.

Shamoon Abbasi is largely disappointed because he claims he offered his guidance but the producers were too egoistic to listen. He said that he treated Ammar Lasani like his younger brother. He was a senior and hoped that they would listen.

He said that he was told that the film had an original script whereas as the shooting unfolded, he could clearly see that it was an imitation of Hollywood film Wrecked, featuring Adrien Brody. This disturbed the actor and he kept suggesting to change the script and make it more original however, no one paid heed to him.

The actor claimed that he was initially told that only the starting sequences were similar but he later found out that the film was a complete rip-off. He said that he was put off and remained upset on the sets due to this.

In the Live video, Shamoon Abbasi delved into the details of what happened. He claimed that Sami Khan was not previously aware that the film was a copy either. He claimed that once he showed Sami Khan the video of Hollywood film ‘Wrecked’, that also upset Sami Khan.

Nevertheless, both the actors worked hard. Shamoon Khan was visibly upset throughout which led to the producers boycotting him. Their behavior turned unethical towards him as claimed by Shamoon Abbasi.

He said “Due to my objections to their process, their behavior turned very unethical towards me on sets and they started boycotting me. They also adopted biased marketing campaigns.”

The promotional material they used mentioned Shameen Khan, Sami Khan, Aammar Lasani and Kanza Zia, whereas he claims he was completely ignored.

“I was sidelined from the film’s marketing campaigns as well. By then I wasn’t on talking terms with them and coordinated through a middle man. In spite of all this behavior, I promoted the film.”

The actor also clearly said that he doubt the degrees the two producer claim to have and he also doubts the number of awards they say, they have won on such a film. He also called the producers out for not being human enough to grant leave to their DOP as his wife was giving birth.

Shamoon Abbasi is furious at the events that led to this outcome. We will also be getting the other side of the story. For more updates, keep reading EPK.

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