Shameless Proposals

After Wajhat Rauf with Enaaya, and many more following, Sadia Jabbar is now heading into the digital world with her new web series Shameless Proposals. The web series culture has been initiated rather late, even so it is certainly a step in the right direction.

The trailer of the series was released and it seems to be tackling a subject very common in our society. The series will take us through the gruesome process of Rishta seeking in our society.

Screen Grab from Trailer of Shameless Proposals

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What girls have to go through in order to get accepted as a suitable Bahu for somebody’s precious son. The series takes on a comical, satirical spin on the subject and it seem interesting.

Screen Grab from Trailer of Shameless Proposals

The trailer raises a few question that are extremely spot on!

“When you don’t buy uncomfortable shoes, so why choose an incompatible life partner?”

“Wearing tight fitted clothes is unacceptable then why are you okay with forced marriage?”

The protagonist has seven proposal to choose from what will she do?

Screen Grab from Trailer of Shameless Proposals

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Speaking about the web series culture the producer Sadia Jabbar said:

 “Television and films are mainly a platform for families but web series gives you the power of standing up and voicing your opinion or highlighting the evils of society through entertainment and to not only change how entertainment is seen but also how it is perceived”.

The web series has been directed by Hunny Haroon and written by Saji Gul and Atlas. The series’ first episode will premiere on March 29.

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Check out the trailer here!


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