The superstar Shahrukh Khan is currently in China to attend the screening for his latest outing, Zero. The film received severe criticism from Indian critics and failed miserably. It also performed poorly in Pakistan where Shahrukh Khan’s films almost always tend to rake in a good business.

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However, Zero crashed badly. The film will now be screened in China and Srk will also be watching it. The boxoffice dud Zero will be the closing film to screen in the ongoing Beijing International Film Festival.

Talking to a Chinese website CGTN, the actor took responsibility of the film’s failure but also termed it “A labour of love.”

“I am going to see the film after three months, so for me, it’s very significant, let me just go see, maybe I will be able to figure out… what went wrong. ‘Unfortunately Zero itself wasn’t received too well back home in India, maybe I made the wrong film, maybe I did not do the right storytelling so I am a little wary how it will be received here and I hope people here will like it”

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Shahrukh Khan is still unsure about the film’s flaws however he admits that something might have gone wrong with the storytelling or perhaps it was a wrong film.

The actor will be assessing and reviewing the film once again after he watches its screening in China. Will Zero be well received in China or not? We are yet to find that out.

On the work front, while many have been eagerly waiting to hear about Shahrukh Khan’s next project as soon as possible, Shahrukh Khan has revealed that he will be announcing his next project in June.

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