After the debacle of Zero, fans have been eager to find out about the next project King Khan is working . However, Shahrukh Khan has been shying away from signing a new film ever since. There were rumors about many possible films that the star is considering including one with director Rajkummar Hirani and Farah Khan. However nothing was confirmed from the star’s end.

Did Dhoom 4 Just Got Confirmed With Shahrukh Khan?

It now seems that the closest fans will get from Shahrukh on silver screen any time soon is his dubbed version of The Lion King along with son Aryan Khan. But as far as starring in a film is concerned, there hasn’t been any news as yet. This is the longest break that the star has taken from the silver screen.

Shahrukh Khan and Aryan Khan

Talking to Filmfare the star spoke about how he picks another film right after finishing one but it is different this time around.

“But this time I am just not feeling like…My heart doesn’t allow me to..I just felt that I should rather take time out, watch films, listen to stories and read more books. Even my kids are in their college stage…my daughter is going to college and my son is about to finish his studies. So I just want to spend more time with my family,”

Shahrukh Khan to make a comeback with a bang!

Many are terming this as the end of his career. Is he truly retreating from films after massive flop of Zero or is he really taking time off to spend with his family? Another possibility is that the star is working on something big. He is not revealing the details and keeping it close to the vest.Whatever is the case, only time will tell.


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