Mahira Khan starrer Superstar is running at cinemas worldwide. The film released in Pakistan on Eid ul Azha and internationally it was released on Friday, 9th August. Mahira Khan was previously seen in 7 Din Mohbbat In and Verna. She was also seen opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Raees. Raees never saw release in Pakistan but Mahira Khan’s films have always taken thunderous start at Pakistani Boxoffice.

Mahira Khan:- The Queen Of Pakistani Boxoffice.

Mahira Khan has often been criticized for her choice of films as some have not worked out that well in the past. While talking exclusively to Epk Mahira Khan had claimed that she likes to do diverse roles an she has never repeated the hit formula.

“Sometimes it is good to repeat the hit formula, but I have never done that, may be I should, I will”

She may have never repeated the hit formula but she did bag the blockbuster formula by starring opposite Shaharukh Khan in Raees. When we met her during the promotions of Superstar Shahrukh Khan was brought up. As soon as I brought up Raees there was an instant glimmer in Mahira’s eyes, with certain level of renewed enthusiasm she began:

“Well that was a super hit formula. Believe me I have been offered a lot of Indian films, even post Raees and Shahrukh used to be like

Ho Kya Raha Hai Kyun Yeh Chori Ja Rahe Hai Films (what is going on why are you rejecting these films)

I mean it was Shahrukh Khan he is the love of my life I had to do Raees. But that is separate, it was a special film I don’t count it amongst the others.”

Mahira also revealed that she has been a fan of Shahrukh Khan since she was a kid. She called herself a true blue fan who would send him letter after retrieving the address from the back of the magazines.

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