Mahira Khan and Shaan Shahid

Tensions have risen between India and Pakistan following India’s intrusion yesterday. Indian Jets crossed the line of control but were met with the Pakistani Air force which took timely action, sending them back home. Since then there has been a lot of debate upon the matter, celebrities from both the countries have been vocal about their opinion on the matter. Recently, Shaan Shahid criticized The Legend of Maula Jatt star Mahira Khan on her tweet regarding her stance.

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As Fatima Bhutto tweeted that nothing is uglier than people cheering for war, Mahira Khan also agreed with her.

The much loved Mahira Khan took to twitter in her support and shared her likeminded stance too. She wrote, “Nothing uglier. Nothing more ignorant than cheering for war. May sense prevail.. Pakistan zindabad.”

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Apparently, Mahira Khan seeks peace and does not support War. However she was met with a mixed response on twitter. While some spoke in her favor, some also alleged that she is probably still trying to be on India’s good-books in hopes of securing films there in the future.

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They tweeted,

Others thought those alleging Mahira Khan of any hidden agenda are being narrow minded whereas she is actually being mature enough to understand that War does not solve anything. There were others who appreciated Mahira Khan’s perspective.

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Amidst this, acclaimed actor Shaan Shahid also responded to Mahira Khan. Shaan Shahid does not agree with Mahira Khan, as he went on to tweet, “There is nothing uglier ,when people don’t cheer for freedom”

Shaan Shahid’s stance was met with both appreciation and apprehension.


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