Veteran actor Nadeem Baig is truly a living legend of Pakistan. The highly successful film actor gave his first film in 1967. Chakori marked Nadeem Baig’s debut and won him his first award of the best actor.

Chakori marked the start of his outstanding career. Nadeem Baig is a rare actor who has given consecutive super hits in his career. The illustrious actor seems to possess the midas touch as most of his early films were a raving success.

The senior actor has been serving the industry for 52 years now and has undoubtedly made valuable contributions to the cinema. The 72 year old star is the only living hero of the late 60s.

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It surely is disheartening to see such illustrious personalities being overlooked. Nadeem Baig devoted his entire life to the film industry and has only received one civil award by the government. He was awarded pride of performance in 1997.

Similarly, the government failed to acknowledge the acting legend Waheed Murad during his lifetime. He was not awarded a single civil award as long as he lived. Unfortunately, we have been in a habit of neglecting our legends and only acknowledging them very later on in life.

Dubbed as the chocolate hero, Waheed Murad’s legacy as a romantic hero remains untainted. The actor has numerous blockbusters to his credits and he set many benchmarks at the boxoffice. His films are still considered the finest romantic films of Pakistani Cinema.

However, Waheed Murad was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz 27 years after his death in November 2010 by the then president Asif Ali Zardari.

We failed to give timely recognition to the iconic Waheed Murad and we continue to do so with our living legends. The distinguished actor Nadeem Baig deserves to see his handwork pay off.

Shaan Shahid started a campaign requesting that Nadeem Baig be awarded a civil award, a while back. He highlighted Nadeem Baig’s journey and thanked him for serving the nation!

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He suggested that Nadeem Baig deserves a Hilal-i-Imtiaz and went on to urge the government to pay heed to Nadeem Baig’s services. He addressed president Arif Alvi and asked him to take notice. Many people supported the actor and commended him for pointing this out.

We also agree with Shaan Shahid and lend him our support. Nadeem Baig deserves to be awarded for his countless contributions to the cinema.

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While many have been awarded civil awards this year, we believe awards should be handed out on the bases of experience, credibility and performance. Many juniors have been awarded bigger awards than their seniors which comes as a surprise.

We hope to use this platform to lend our support and raise our voice for Nadeem Baig. We adore, respect and stand by him. We request the government to acknowledge Nadeem Baig’s endless craft and honor him with an award he truly deserves.


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