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Shaan Shahid has announced his next big project. It is a spy thriller titled, “Haathi Zinda Hai” The name of the film is inspired from Salman Khan’s film, “Tiger Zinger Hai” which was also a spy thriller featuring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.

Haathi Zinda Hai will supposedly be on Adnan Sami or as he is more popularly known these days, as Major Adnan Sami.

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It appears Shaan Shahid believes that Elephants are stronger animals than tigers and also that an elephant is a fitting symbol for Adnan Sami for obvious reasons.

Shaan Shahid seems to be poking fun at the infamous Adnan Sami.

The Pakistani turned Indian singer Adnan Sami became the talk of the town when he tweeted his support for Modi and later ended up bad mouthing Pakistan.

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Many Pakistanis criticized him for his ill mannerism. They reminded him that his parents still live in Pakistan. Following the hullabaloo, Adnan Sami was disclosed as Major Adnan Sami.

To honor the major, Shaan Shahid has now asked for title suggestions for what will be a film on Major Adnan Sami.

Interesting Suggestions started to pour in!

Keeping in mind India’s fetish with Pigeons, this would be nice.

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On a serious note, Shaah Shahid is also working on a spy thriller, Zarrar. Zarrar features Shaan and Kiran Malik in pivotal roles. The much anticipated film is yet to release its trailer.

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While in a hypothetical world, Haathi Zinda Hai will base on Adnan’s Sami’s journey from a confused Pakistani to a patriotic ISI agent. The film applauds his many disguises and documents his weight loss journey.

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