Former Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, in a contemplative move, has announced his plans to pen down a script and produce a full feature film, highlighting the atrocities inflicted on the people residing in Indian Held Kashmir.

The film will be based on the comprehensive book written by the Senator, Bleeding Kashmir that was launched yesterday.

The book not only documents problems faced by individuals living in Kashmir but also tells the tragic tale of Muslim pellet victim, Insha Mushtaq, who lost her eye-sight due to indiscriminate firing by Hindu soldiers.

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Rehman Malik stated that the sensitive project is in its nascent stages as of now. The writing of the script is in the works and the cast and crew will be finalized once the script is locked.

It must be noted that this will be the first film of its kind to be written and produced in Pakistan by a high profile official.

Previously, the plight of the Kashmiris has only been shown at a meager scale in projects such as 1994 Atiqa Odho starrer, Angar Wadi and then in 2018 Moammar Rana film, Azaadi.

Ironically, India has produced a full feature film, No Fathers In Kashmir based on the life of two teenagers whose fathers disappeared long ago.

We hope the project goes on floors as soon as possible so the tragedies on the Kashmiris can be voiced in detail.

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