16th March Saturday 2019 dramas: Cheekh Vs Ranjha Ranjha Kerdi VS Khudparast

So this Saturday’s episodes of Khud Parast, Cheekh and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi evoked mixed responses from us, although they still were up to par as always. It really is difficult for any one of these dramas to be better than the others since all three have found massive fame and following from the course of their time on screen. But what matters more is how much they sustain the same quality as they had at the start of the drama.

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Let’s see what happened this Saturday and which drama did the best overall!

Khud Parast (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment

This was its second last episode, and perhaps that is the reason why Khud Parast is beginning to wrap things up. However, I feel like it was rushed a bit with the way Uswa is now facing problems. Adeel who had taken all of Uswa’s money for a trip to Dubai has to go to the doctor after feeling sick and the audience discover that Adeel had contracted AIDS a few days before marrying Uswa and had still married Uswa. But now that he’s dying, he decides to put the blame on Uswa, turning his entire family against Uswa and divorcing her so he could be able to go to Dubai and enjoy himself.

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As if this was not enough, Uswa’s mother is rushed to the hospital and her cancer has developed into its last stage, which Uswa’s brothers blame on her for not informing anyone despite the fact that it was them who had concealed the knowledge. All of these things come crashing down upon Uswa.

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Meanwhile, Hanan agrees to marry Beenish after seeing how strong she has become in spite of all the difficulties she faced, and that is one happy ending we can live with! Otherwise, the way everything has suddenly turned against Uswa is sort of abrupt and could have probably worked better if the writers had made it gradual. Of course, endings of dramas make a huge impact so we’ll have to wait for the last episode!

Cheekh (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment

The cat-and-mouse game between Wajih and his family against Mannat continues when Yawar succeeds in getting Wajih out of jail. While Yawar is much more cunning about the way he handles this situation, Wajih decides to get vicious against Mannat and makes sure that Mannat knows he is going to get revenge in the worst way possible. Mannat of course responds in equal as her cause for revenge is much more personal.

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Things escalate pretty quickly when Haya’s marriage with Asad is cancelled as the latter becomes uncomfortable with marrying into a family which supports a murderer. Wajih seizes this opportunity to tell Haya that Asad was cheating on her with Mannat, which obviously is another tactic to turn everyone against Mannat. When Shayan comes home as well, Wajih feeds the same story to him with Yawar backing him and of course Shayan believes them.

The episode essentially reiterated the battle going on within the family and how alone Mannat was going to be in this fight. It was certainly repetitive in nature but in a good way since some aspects of each character were highlighted” Yawar’s cunning and intelligence, Wajih’s vicious nature and Mannat’s strength. I actually think such episodes are a good way of giving each character depth and dimension and a good way of giving the storyline pauses to collect itself.

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Saba Qamar has, as always, given a great performance and Bilal Abbas genuinely appears to be a sociopath which is a good angle to give to his role.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (Hum TV) MD Productions

By far, this is the one episode in Pakistani dramas that had everyone watching shocked and breathless. The magnanimity of  Bhola’s situation outside of his light and fun antics crashed down upon the audience. The medicine Bhola takes finally reveal themselves to be more detrimental than helpful when Bhola is unable to control his actions; his friends who encourage him also have a huge part to play but largely it is the medicine that makes Bhola uncontrollable.

While at first the fact that Bhola hits Noori is big enough, Noori still treats it as any other small thing and tries to placate Bhola. But then comes the shocker when Bhola loses control of himself and attacks Noori. There were many scenes censored that make it a bit difficult to determine what exactly triggered him but the fact that Noori was violated without her consent is shown through the setting itself. If the violent nature of the scene itself is put aside, the directing must be commended for treating it with such a sensitive hand yet still managing to make it poignant. Noori’s expressions themselves expose her own horror and dejection that this had happened to her at the hands of someone like Bhola, who she had started to love.

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While this was mostly the focus of the episode, Nusrat’s nature is also exposed. Of course in the end this entire debacle is his fault since he is deliberately ruining Bhola with the medicine. This sudden dark turn to the story was honestly shocking because there really was no transitional period. But the shock factor will be a propeller for the plot itself and hopefully everyone will discover that it is the medicine that is ruining Bhola and he did not become like this naturally.

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While last night’s episode was definitely a sensitive topic, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi did not glamorize it and actually treated it tactfully. It comes at the top once more and with this twist of events, it seems Ranjha Ranjha Kardi is going to open new doors for the television industry. Cheekh and Khud Parast follow close behind and with Khud Parast arriving at its final episode, we can’t wait to see how the characters will resolve their problems.

What did you think of Saturday dramas? Let me know in the comments!

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