30th March Sunday 2019 drama reviews: Cheekh Vs Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Khud Parast might have ended, but there’s no need to be down! Cheekh and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi have become one of the hottest dramas airing right now and their popularity really isn’t a mystery anymore. Both have immensely well-made visuals and cinematography accompanied by unique scripts, all complemented nicely by talented casts. To find out more about last night’s episodes, read on!

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Cheekh (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment

This episode really tested the relationship between Mannat and Shayan! With increasing pressure from every member of his family, Shayan’s trust in Mannat is put to the test. It was nice to see how much Shayan is willing to put on line for Mannat’s word and how much he trusts her, which is a kind of healthy relationship we need to see more of on television!

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On the other side, Shehwar clearly hears Wajih’s confession and yet is unable to speak up and stand up for herself in front of Yawar or the others. It’s clear that Shehwar is a rather weak ally for Mannat and it will be a miracle if she decides to help her! Mannat’s attempts to get Wajih arrested are also being hindered by Yawar paying off the police inspector, who puts off the proceedings for as long as he can.

The scene with the police inspector were very convincing and the inspector is a very believable character. The episode concludes when Wajih gets beaten up and he blames it on Mannat, which leads Shayan to reconsider everything he had believed.

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The last scene is when Shayan tells Mannat to pack her things up. We really hope Shayan does not turn his back completely on Mannat and is doing this to protect her. However, Shayan’s character is a pretty solid one and has become our favorite right after Mannat herself! Saba Qamar has won our hearts with her strong performance here.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (Hum Tv) MD Productions

As always, this episode of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi blew us away! Noori is starting to become cornered into a sticky situation once more with the return of Sahir. While Fehmida handing over the keys of the house to Noori meant that the trust between the two has increased monumentally, there is still a delicate balance there.

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Sahir’s intentions are still blurry and uncertain and he seems to have her best interests in his heart but as we’ve already seen, Sahir’s character is untrustworthy. He also knows by now Nusrat’s plotting with Bhola’s medicine but it is yet to be revealed whether Sahir uses this information for good or for bad.

Noori also is inching closer towards the truth and is about to find out that Nusrat had been deliberately messing with Bhola’s mental illness for his own interests. On the other side, Noori’s past becomes evident gradually to Nusrat and it seems her real past will be revealed to Fehmida, destroying all the hard work Noori had put into gaining her trust.

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It is also shown that Fehmida despises people like Noori which will be a harsh truth Noori will have to face. This drama is never at a standstill and the characters are fluid and dynamic all in one. While Bhola is largely defined by his illness, Noori’s past is what sustains and pushes her forward and it’s interesting to see the different defining characteristics that are so unique to each character. 

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Both Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and Cheekh are absolutely destroying in numbers and popularity! Having both become fan favorites all over, it will be very hard to determine which is better.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi still remains our personal favorite, but that doesn’t mean Cheekh is in any way less. So don’t forget to check out both dramas to see which is to your taste; regardless of what you pick, these dramas have changed the game in the drama industry!

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