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2nd March Tuesday Dramas:

Saturdays are the strongest days of all week in terms of dramas, and this week the quality was as good as before. Khud Parast, Cheekh and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi are not just the best drama on Saturday but also overall and are sure to win some accolades! Let’s see what this week’s episodes had in store for us.

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Khud Parast (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment  

The pace of the drama has suddenly come to a full halt. Uswa and Adeel get married but obviously Adeel has a shady past which we suspected all along. Uswa’s mother falls gravely ill and Uswa and Adeel take her to the doctor. The doctor informs Adeel that Uswa’s mother probably has cancer but Adeel hides that fact from Uswa and pretends it was a normal illness.

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On the other hand, things are looking well for Hannan and Beenish who both have gotten jobs and are gradually building their lives back. Bakhtawar is still suffering at the hands of her Moiz’s new wife and she begins to remember Beenish.

Overall, it was a very slow episode with many repetitions of scenes specially with Bakhtawar. The writers need to show some progression because at this point there doesn’t seem to be any aim for the characters and they all seem a bit lost.

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Cheekh (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment

Talking about lack of progression, this episode of Cheekh was also at a standstill but unlike Khud Parast, this served a much more effective purpose to the overall effect of the drama. By now, we have come to know that it will only be Mannat and Ramzan fighting for justice for Nayab’s murder.

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This episode continued to establish that the law and the system were set against these two people, and Wajih was at the forefront of the opposition. Amir Khan and hence the police are all under Wajih’s control due to his money which we must say is quite an accurate depiction of our justice system.

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Yawar is still protecting his family from all this but has begun to see that Wajih has started to lose his mind. There still isn’t much hope for Ramzan and Mannat though because the entire family is very close-knitted and supportive.

What this episode showed was that murderers and bad people are protected more by their own family members than anyone else because those families refuse to accept the reality of the situation.

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But we hope after this episode, Mannat takes action and stops being submissive and quiet. As always, Noor ul Hassan as Ramzan gives a tremendously exciting performance with poignant moments every episode.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (Hum TV) MD Productions

The biggest competition for the other two dramas, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, brought to us another beautiful episode this time round as well. Unlike the other two, there aren’t many repetitive moments or stagnant parts in the drama and everything serves some kind of purpose overall.

This episode Noori and Bhola become more closer and Noori realizes how she is coming to depend on Bhola. While this attachment is being developed gradually over several episodes, the main event that happened here was Noori and the audience finding out the potential truth about Bhola’s condition. We begin to see hints of the truth that it was Nusrat who had given Bhola the wrong medicine that had led to his current mental condition. Hopefully, Noori will pursue the truth and correct all of this and Bhola might recover after all.

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It’s very interesting to note how quick Noori is regarding such things and Nusrat has begun to perceive her as a threat now due to her intelligence. Sahir has also returned into the picture as he meets Nusrat’s family but does not meet Noori yet; their meeting is something to look forward to. Until then, Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf have created two wonderful and memorable characters with Noori and Bhola and we look forward to every episode!

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Like we said, all these dramas are such tough competition! While Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and Cheekh are leading with almost a tie, Khud Parast is not too far behind either.

In Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, every dialogue and action serve a purpose and is not repetitive and perhaps that is why people enjoy it so much. Cheekh however has an equally interesting storyline and the critique of the justice system is its selling point.

And of course Khud Parast is a much more toned down drama but with a focus on family values. Whichever drama you choose to watch, we assure you each of these are of excellent quality!

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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  1. Laila March 16, 2019

    So far......I LOVE Cheekh despite its plot holes. Saba Qamar has grown on me. A strong performance.