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23rd February Saturday dramas 2019:

Our favorite dramas of the week are back! It seems none of the dramas on Saturday are subpar or weak in any aspect since each and every one of them has high ratings and a huge fan following. Khud Parast continues showing how every person’s actions have consequences, Cheekh highlights the flaws in our society and justice system and Rajha Ranjha Kardi presents deeper insight into human nature. With such wide variety of themes to choose from, which will be your choice?

Khud Parast (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment  

The plot thickens even more this episode of Khud Parast as Uswa agrees to marry Adeel but what she doesn’t know is that Adeel has dark secrets hidden from her. While for Uswa it was a big decision since she is now scared of ever getting married again, she nevertheless says yes to Adeel not just because she likes him but because she needs financial support for herself and her mother. Yet, Adeel himself has ulterior motives and we see that he is under great debt from some shady men he had borrowed money from. It seems that while Uswa thinks she has gotten away with everything, karma is going to hit her back when she gets married to Adeel and finds out it isn’t all a bed of roses. Another character getting what they deserve is Bakhtawar who now suffers at the hands of Moiz’s new wife who is far more horrible than Bakhtawar herself. Asma Abbas did a great job in shifting from the authoritarian role of Bakhtawar previously to her current helpless state. Beenish, with the help of Hannan’s phuppo, finds a job and it seems like all is going well for Beenish. We’re finally seeing some hint of a conclusion specially with all the awful characters receiving justice.

Cheekh (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment

It was once again a relatively slow episode with more development of tension between Wajih and Mannat and showed how everyone was trying to bury the death of Nayab away. It seems only Mannat and Ramzan even care or remember Nayab anymore since every other person in her life has conveniently forgotten about her. Mannat and Ramzan have a conversation near Nayab’s grave where Mannat apologizes to Ramzan; this was a heart-touching scene in which both characters connect over their love for Nayab. But apart from Ramzan, Mannat does not find recluse anywhere else. Her mother urges her to forget the entire debacle to protect her family relations, and Mannat’s husband also reveals that he would support his family over her. The episode continuously established the fact that Mannat will be alone in her fight for justice in the future, and this isolation will cause her anguish. I liked how Wajih’s character has developed; he isn’t just simply some rich son who killed a girl because she said no. With this episode, we start to see he actually is much smarter than he let on, and even displays signs of a sociopath with how out of touch he is with emotions. This moving away from traditional villain roles in Pakistani dramas is a nice touch that the makers of Cheekh added and Bilal Abbas does a great job as always! Next episode we hope things speed up because we are desperately waiting to see Mannat’s fight for justice.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (Hum TV) MD Productions

Noori and Bhola’s tale commences where we left off last week as we see more of their relationship develop, Noori suspects Nusrat of fooling Bhola’s mother, and the return of Sahir into Noori’s life. First, we get to experience more of Noori and Bhola becoming closer and connecting with each other; Noori also starts teaching little kids as well as Bhola and it hints that Bhola’s future might hold hopes of recovery for him. Their conversations are always a delight and so meaningful, specially the scene in which Bhola cries when Noori left him alone in the house. The emotional connection between the two is also not lost on Noori who understands the role she is playing in Bhola’s life as well. We also see Noori’s intelligence and sharp thinking when she catches Nusrat’s trick with the cheque; Nusrat clearly needed money for his investing scheme so he tries to take out money from Bhola’s mother by tricking her. Noori catches this slight and makes sure Nusrat knows that she is on the lookout, making Nusrat realize he had underestimated Noori’s intelligence. Sahir’s involvement is unclear yet but Nusrat’s proposal to marry him to Komal will be significant specially for Noori. We can’t wait for more episodes and one episode per week seems too little!


Our winner of the day is Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, which is killing in terms of ratings and online popularity! By now, everyone is watching this drama religiously every week and for obvious reasons: the two lead characters are proving that they will be remembered as a classic in the history of Pakistani drama industry. Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf should both take a bow for their excellent work on this drama.

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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