Fahad Mustafa makes a deal to Modi

Fahad Mustafa has solved what PM Imran Khan’s peace gesture could not! As tensions increase between India and Pakistan, Pakistanis have been seeking peace from the very beginning. Recently Pakistan released captured IAF pilot as a peace gesture.

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The gesture was still not accepted as the main stream Indian media continued spewing venom.

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Master of offering tempting deals, the Jeeto Pakistan genius, Fahad Mustafa entered the arena. Fahad Mustafa, who is famous for his game show Jeeto Pakistan has mastered the art of making negotiations.

When everything else failed to pacify Modi, Load Wedding star Fahad Mustafa took the mission of solving matters upon his shoulders and masterly dealt with the scenario.

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Upon being asked how will he convince Modi? The actor revealed his secret.


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Following is an actual leaked footage of what ensued as shared by someone on twitter.

Fahad Mustafa offered Modi ‘2 toola sona’, all the ‘samaan’ and to top it off, a Washing machine from a high-class brand “Kiran”

Modi was smitten, finding it hard to remain calm and put a straight face, he agreed! Its a done deal!

Some say it was the deal, some say it was Fahad Mustafa’s charms!

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