In a disheartened post, director Sarmad Khoosat penned an open letter to the government and the people of Pakistan. He revealed that he is being pressurized to stop the release of his film, Zindagi Tamasha.

He stated that Zindagi Tamasha was cleared by all three censor boards and had its world premiere at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival.

He wrote, “24th of January was set as the release date in Pakistan. However, a ‘complaint’ was registered against the writer, the producer and myself, based on assumptions made from the two and a half minute long trailer”

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The film was then recalled for censor and it was cleared again with cuts to appease the complainants. Following this, the makers were preparing for the film’s release.

“I launched the promotional campaign and now, just a week before the film’s release, another attempt is being made by the some group to stop the release of the film and this time they are hell-bent on using pressurizing tactics”.

“I am bringing this to your notice not just because my team and I are being bullied and pressurised but also because this series of episodes undermines a state institution like the Central Board of Film Censors and strips it of its authority and stature,” he added.

Zindagi Tamasha’s trailer was previously taken down from YouTube as it was recalled for censor. A new trailer was then launched with cuts after clearing censors again. Despite clearing censors twice, the film has landed in troubled waters once more.

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