Monday drama Reviews: Dil Kya Kare VS Bandish VS Inkaar

Dil Kia Karay (7th Sky Entertainment)

Arman’s return to home and his reaction to what had transpired between Saadi and Aimen was covered this episode. Like always, the acting is brilliant in this drama and each actor is definitely doing their best but something seems to be amiss. Dil Kia Karay does follow a more traditional style of cinematography and doesn’t venture into more experimental filmmaking.

While there certainly is nothing wrong with traditional style, Dil Kia Karay ends up being bland as its story itself isn’t something exciting or new either. Then there’s also the case of the pacing of the storyline. Sometimes the action in the drama is rushed so much and other times like this episode it is dragged on and on until it really becomes unbearable.

Do Bol Creates A Unique Record : leads on 2 days!

The flashback sequences are so many that it’s really becoming annoying. While such scenes are meant to establish a deeper connection between the character and the audience through the past, in this drama you just become annoyed by Aimen and Saadi who really seem to have no emotional connection whatsoever. In the end it’s disappointing to see how a drama with such potential is gradually fading into neglect.

Bandish (Big Bang Entertainment)

Many pivotal truths come out this episode as Junaid finds out the truth about his new wife Sandal and her sister Sumbul and connects the dots finally. It must be said that Bandish has done a great job in knowing when to reveal what aspects because this has created a lot of mystery in the drama itself about Junaid’s character. This was the drama’s second last episode and so is important in setting up the stage for the finale, and in that aspect it did fall short of expectations slightly.


I expected it to have a more climatic scene which would be resolved in the last episode but the events that transpire are not very thrilling. Another thing Bandish should have worked more on was the timing of its jump scares. There should have been a more equal balance of the scary moments and the emotional ones, and in this episode the jump scares were present at times where they really made no sense at all such as the dinner scene with Sania where the little girl is hovering in the background and the thudding music begins to play in the middle of a dialogue.

Apart from this the episode was fairly good and employed all the different elements of its story to combine them in preparation for the finale. We can’t wait to see the final episode and discover whether Madiha and her family find peace from the dark magic or not!

Inkaar (MD Production)

Another fantastic episode! Inkaar has made a very strong impact from the first few episodes. Hajra finds out the truth about Shayan and Rehan in a shocking revelation and struggles to come to terms with who she should trust or not. The way Yumna Zaidi’s character has been moulded is impressive since she is so realistic and deeply formed.


All the actors gave some of their best performances in this episode and it is so hard to like one actor over the other since all of them are so unique! The four main actors, Yumna Zaidi, Sami Khan, Imran Ashraf and Rehan Sheikh played off each other’s strengths really well and their chemistry is unique to say the least! The episode also expanded on the psyche of the characters, specially with Rehan as we discover more of his home life and how he turned out this way.

With breathtaking acting & direction, Cheekh emerges as a winner

I hope we figure out more about Rehan though and why he is the way he is, because that would certainly give his character more depth and dimension. Other than that, not enough can be said about Inkaar and how well it is directed!


Inkaar is the winner and also my personal favorite. It has a stellar cast playing some of the best characters on television right now.


Whereas Bandish had an absolute thriller of an episode which covered all the things we love in a drama! So depending on your taste and likes, you couldn’t go wrong with either Bandish or Inkaar as both dramas are doing really well and expected to continue in the future.

Do Bol makes us fall in love with Geeti & Badar with every episode

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