Monday Drama Reviews: Inkaar Vs Bandish Vs Dil Kia Karay

Dil Kia Karay

Saadi is still kidnapped and there seems to be no help coming for him soon as his father tries his best to negotiate with the kidnappers to no avail. The rest of the family is merely in mourning and Aimen is still in the dark about everything due to her mental health. Arman does find out the truth about Saadi this time as Aimen calls him to tell him that Saadi has been gone for a long time; when Arman calls his sister he finally figures out that Saadi has been kidnapped.

Nothing new in terms of plot happened this episode and it feels like the drama is getting stagnant episode-by-episode which is disappointing since Dil Kia Karay really showed pontential. However, it is falling back on the same repeated tools such as flashbacks to Saadi and Aimen’s moments together which has made the drama’s story quite boring.

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The only character that is likeable was Arman and he did not get that much screen time this episode. Hopefully Dil Kia Karay will show some progression from next episode and does not suffer from a boring story!


There was finally something positive in the drama this episode! Hamza has started learning under the guidance of a murshid and will be the person to save Madiha and her family from the black magic. Madiha also meets the murshid and starts to learn the truth behind what has been plaguing her and her family and is also becoming stronger in her belief in God. Hania overhears Sandal talking to her sister about having Hania and Aleena removed from her house.

Previously, Sandal had told Junaid about Hania and Hamza talking on the phone, so Hania tells Junaid about the phone conversation. But Junaid is obviously too wrapped up in Sandal and tells Hania she should respect Sandal. But later on Sandal shows her true colors to Hania and Aleena who pack up their things and leave.

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After Sumbul accidently leaves the door unlocked, Sania seizes the opportunity and escapes only to be chased down by Sumbul’s demon and she faints just before she is able to tell the truth. However, Sania is in safe hands now and Madiha receives the news of her return so hopefully all will turn out good for the family. Uptil now Bandish has done a great job in revamping each episode and not letting one dull moment plague the drama!


HUM TV’s new series Inkaar has everyone talking all of a sudden and this week’s episode of the drama was proof of why this new drama should be on your watch list! Hajra and her father Hafiz Sahab’s relationship with each other is explored very well and the way they interact is wholesome and sweet, giving insight into both characters.

Hajra herself has become a strong and confident girl over the course of the episodes but her fortitude is tested with the return of her past in the form of Rehan who seems to be aiming to cause upheaval in Hajra’s life. For now, Hajra and Shayan are falling in love and understanding each other, but neither know of the other’s connection to Rehan.

While they both know Rehan personally, they do not disclose this to each other which will put a damper on their relationship in the future specially considering Hajra’s past with him. Each character was explored in depth this episode and Inkaar has done a fairly good job in making each character relatable as well as loveable.

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Hajra and her father’s relationship is by far our favorite, and is extremely heartwarming to see! The general tone of the drama is very aesthetic as well and we really recommend giving it a try!


Inkaar is at the top of the list and is gradually becoming the rage with audiences. However Bandish is pretty close behind with a story that never has a dull moment! The horror genre might be off-putting to some but it genuinely is done well enough! Although they are widely different from each other, both dramas are worth giving a try.

Dil Kia Karay had been a favorite at the beginning but has now ebbed away as the story has really become boring.

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