The three mega stars of Bollywood , the three Khans have been reported to be meeting very often.The most recent update given by a source close to the stars revealed that the stars are being secretive about their meet ups.

After Zero’s debacle, Shahrukh Khan an easy target for publications?

The meetings are being held usually at SRK’s household as Aamir and Salman live nearby. They both maintain secrecy about arriving at SRK’s house as previous the news of their meeting had been leaked. The trio chats away all night long on latest news.

The subject of their talks as revealed by source is sadly not about doing a movie together. In fact they discuss the most recent young celebrities who are climbing up the fame ladder very fast. They discuss their work and praise their talent. They also discuss strategy about their own careers in the future as well.

The meeting are held in their residents as it is away from prying eyes and paparazzi. They can maintain a casual atmosphere and have serious discussions without being interrupted or eavesdropped.

Sharukh Khan, Aamir Khan & Salman Khan forming an alliance in troubled times?

Aamir and Shahrukh have had an unfortunate run at the box office recently with substandard movies like Zero and Thugs of Hindostan. While Aamir is working on his Forrest Gump remake, SRK has still not announced any film. In the midst of all the criticism he has received from Zero’s failure, it seems that the star is taking a break and regrouping. Salman is gearing up for his upcoming movie Bharat and also busy with his numerous other films including Dabangg 3.


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