Salman Khan's Bharat teaser fails to trend in Pakistan whereas Total Dhamaal did

The superstar Salman Khan released the teaser of his upcoming film Bharat yesterday. Bharat, which is anticipated to be one of the biggest films of the year met with a mellow response. The teaser glorified the nationalist character of Salman Khan while showing us his various looks from different stages in his life. The film is said to be a journey of man and a nation together. The teaser was although charming but also very simplistic.

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The teaser has since failed to trend on YouTube in Pakistan. In contrast the comical trailer of Total Dhamaal started to trend in Pakistan within 12 hours of its release. The much loved franchise of Dhamaal, tells a similar tale in its second installment and takes us on a humorous adventure featuring the star studded cast of Anil Kapoor, Maduhri Dixit, Ajay devgn and others.

Salman Khan has enjoyed unreal stardom since decades now. His strong screen presence has been enough to charm and captivate countless across the borders. However, the rather mild response on his teaser comes as a shock. Previously Shahrukh Khan met with a similar response as the songs of his latest film Zero failed to trend in Pakistan.

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After Shahrukh Khan starrer Zero’s debacle at the boxoffice and now this, we are forced to wonder if something is amiss? Khans have enjoyed surreal love from their fans and rightly so. The very charming and hugely talented Khans have given us countless memorable films. To see their content receive a mild response is a matter of concern. Nevertheless, Salman Khan’s teaser has received a decent enough response and is likely to do wonders the boxoffice. The film is slated for a Eid release.

Watch Epk’s reaction on the teaser of Bharat:


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