Hum TV period Aangan had been building up incredible hype way before the drama saw light of day. The drama had all the right elements to be a highly anticipated drama of the year. A stellar cast, a powerful topic, an accomplished director and it offered a trip down the memory lane! All this, while people were also particularly excited to see Sajal and Ahad share screen space again as Jameel and Chammi after Yakeen Ka Safar.

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Aangan Jameel and Chammi
Ahad Raza Mir (Jameel) and Sajal Aly (Chammi)

The serial took off with a blast and people were left in admiration of the beautiful settings and costumes even more. However seven episodes in, the serial seem to have sunk in terms of buzz and likability. It is coming off as an average drama with an extremely tedious and ordinary plot. The drama is not doing well in terms of rating either.

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Some have complained that Jameel and Chammi have been used as a marketing tactic to attract the audience while they actually don’t have that much presence in the serial as fans had hoped! Just as we thought a romantic angle was sprouting between the two, the story shifted entirely to Aliya’s family in the next episode leaving the audience disappointed.

The order of certain events in the drama seems off as well. Like the episode in which we were introduced to Chammi, the entire episode kept us guessing who she is. It wasn’t until the next episode that we found out that she is in fact Zafar’s daughter.

Safdar( Ahsan Khan) & Tehmina (Hira Mani)
Safdar( Ahsan Khan) & Tehmina (Hira Mani)

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The story seem to be losing grip as the narrative is progressing at a snail speed. Sajal’s happy go lucky character is the only saving grace of the serial and a major reason why I look forward to the next episode. However the focus of the story is not her at the moment so her presence is very little throughout the episode. Unlike the start of the drama where we got to witness a gorgeous Haveli, Horse carts, big courtyards and other elements that were synonymous with the 1940s, the latest episode didn’t give off any vibes of it being a period drama, the setting or the dialogues had no such element.

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Moreover Aliya who is supposedly the main lead of the serial seems to be lingering in the back drop at the moment. The story is making poor attempts to be all about her, for those who didn’t know, could never peg Mawra as the female lead of the show.

Mawra Hocane as Aliya in Aangan
Mawra Hocane as Aliya in Aangan

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Another issue that got fans upset was the network’s decision not to upload the serial on YouTube. Pakistani dramas have a massive viewership on this free platform, especially the overseas Pakistanis heavily depend on it. In such a scenario not uploading episode of a all star drama is a bold step. The obvious conclusion of this decision was that the serial will be getting released on a digital platform like Netflix however no such news has been confirmed as yet either.

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The drama airs on Thursday the same day as Koi Chand Rakh which has been on the air for quite some time now. It has an established audience which don’t seem to be interested in giving up on the serial for any other that day. So keeping that in mind , airing Aangan on a Thursday isn’t exactly helping either.

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It will be interesting to see if the story picks up momentum soon as the project is one with extreme potential of becoming one of the most liked serial of the year, if only the story has something to offer to the audience which it seems extremely short of at the moment.


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