Saima Chaudhary aims to appear again soon on our TV screens in another ‘Ayegi Baraat Series’. The Barat Series is the most favorite comic series of every drama lover. You will find fits of laughter, comedy, emotions and the most essential thing the fun that comes from the functions of wedding. Barat series have been loved and have huge following.

From Azar Ki Ayegi barat to Aniee Ki Ayegi Barat all series were eminent source of gratification. Vasay Chaudhary was the man behind the characters while Marina Khan and Nadeem Baig were there to put soul in those characters. Barat series have sterling cast that includes Ayesha Omer, Naveen Waqar, Alishba Yousaf, Shehzad Shiekh, Javed Shiekh, Hina Dilpazeer and many others that always made you to accolade their performances.

This time Barat series is going to create a difference because Bushara Ansari A.K.A Saima Chaudhary will be writing this installment. This news might be very exciting for fans because they are going to experience some major changes in the series. Hopes are now dependent of the fact what plot and story-line will Bushra keep in mind while penning the next installment.

We hope that in upcoming part the characters of Waadi Amma, Farri, Takka, Bhanji Sahab and Aniee must be kept in context. There are so many questions that who will be next whose barat will be coming; as a guess we can vouch that Bobby will be the next. He was the only one in the series whose barat is yet come so as a wild guess he’s the one on which whole installment will be based.


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