Sacch is a romantic family drama directed by Zulfiqar Sheikh and produced by Tasmina Sheikh. This husband and wife duo has previously made dozens of drama serials together such as Castle, Thori Khushi Thora Ghum, and Des Perdes.

Sacch is their first debut film both as a producer and a director. The leading lady of the film, Elysee Sheikh is the daughter of Zulfiqar Sheikh and Tasmina Sheikh. She is a scientist by profession and this is her first feature film as an actor. Apart from her, the film stars Humayoun Ashraf as DJ Zain and actor Asad Zaman Khan who was previously seen in film Hijrat as the lead actor.

Sacch is a typical story about a love triangle. It revolves around two step brothers who are in love with the same girl and this causes a rift between them.

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Lets start with the positive aspects of the film. The screenplay and the cinematography of the film, both are very well treated. The cinematographer is Kabir Lal who has Taal, Pardes and dozen other Indian hits to his credits.

Considering that the film has been shot in Scotland, we do get to see a lot of lush green landscapes and beautiful cityscapes in a lot of wide shots. The depth of the fields is very deep in most of the shots, which is why the setting and the architect or the interior of any room looks very grand and cinematic.

Similarly, the background score is also very cinematic. Music has been composed by Indian composer Simaab Sen. All the songs are very situational. However the song that stands out the most has been sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan which is also the title song of the film.

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Acting is the weakest aspect of the film. While the supporting cast has renowned and noteworthy names of film and Tv such as Javed Sheikh, Fazila Qazi and Uzma Gillani, the main cast has newcomers who really need to work hard on their facial expressions, especially Asad Zaman Khan. He is extremely good looking, his personality is no less than that of a Hollywood actor’s personality. His looks do remind you of James Dean but with a bland face.

Similarly, Elysee Sheikh really needs to work on her dialogue delivery and facial expressions because a lot of the shots of this couple are tight closeups! Their expressionless faces and bad acting skills became much more prominent in such shots.

Also I felt that the choreography of the song “Azmalay” was nothing impressive. The dance steps given to her and the way the song has been edited were probably a tactic to cover up for her lack of dancing skills.

Overall, the film doesn’t have anything unique, original or special enough to become the talk of the town or become worth recommending. The film has some big names attached to it no doubt, the dialogues of the film have been written by renowned writer Haseena Moin, however due to bad acting, they loose impact.

Being a somebody’s child doesn’t guarantee good acting skills therefore every film maker should make it a point to at least audition their children first before signing them up for their film. The parts of the film for which they have hired experts, they do work well however all their efforts have gone to a waste due to bad actors. The film deserves 1 out of a 5 stars.

Review By: Rabia Hassan.

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