Saboor Aly

Actress Saboor Aly and Beti famed Saheefa Jabbar Khattak,are under fire for a video that went viral. The video showed Saheefa filming a man cleaning a window as they made fun of him. People got agitated at the fact that they have disgraced him. Moreover people criticized how they insulted a specific profession.

Affan Waheed spills the beans on Daag, Saheefa Jabbar & Saboor Aly

Saboor has come out and posted a clarification on her Instagram explaining what was actually happening.

Turns out the guy cleaning the window was an Assistant Director who took it upon himself to clean the window on set. Saheefa and Saboor being his friend made a fun video teasing him.

The lovable Saboor Aly & Kinza Hashim to be seen in a new drama!


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