In an interview to a leading publication Express Tribune, Saba Qamar opened up about her personal life, revealing that she had once been in love and it became a life changing experience for her. The beautiful actress has been once bitten and twice shy.

The hugely acclaimed and adored actress has garnered utmost success with the dint of her hard work. Her soulful performances have made her a household name. The actress who is currently being loved in Cheekh, shared her personal tale of love.

I have been single since 2011 but that breakup was life-changing,” She said. Her ill experience bore lessons as Saba Qamar has come to a realization that love does not exist.

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The actress no longer believes in the superficial notion of love being sold on media. She believes that temporarily infuriation and attachment is confused for love. She said, “Kids these days are not able to tell between love and attachment and not being able to see that line is turning them into delusional heroes and heroines.”

She added, “This is not love; this is a form of attachment that is born out of lust and talking to each other so frequently that you become addicted to each other”

As Rumi once said, “Pain is where light enters you” Saba Qamar has grown wiser and more at peace. She chooses not to be in a relationship.  The actress says “The notion of love and romance these days is so flawed that it isn’t even worth considering. It’s a shame”

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She revealed how there were times when she would get so jealous of her ex being with someone else that it would get unbearable. “I envied the feeling of another woman getting the same attention so much that I eventually brought it up with my yoga instructor,” Saba recalled.

Saba found her solace in her instructor’s words, as she was told, “If you really love him then you should be happy for him.”

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Though hurt, the actress came out stronger and determined. The Hindi Medium actress is vehemently against the sugarcoated portrayal of love on Media. Audiences tend to look up to such pieces of fiction which celebrate love and showcase it as a concept which is far from reality.

People grow up watching such unreal depiction of love and then end up attaching huge expectations to it.

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The actress said, “It’s all a big sham and life isn’t really how it looks like on the screen. I am as flawed as anyone on the street outside.”

She added “I and my work are part of the same problem and that is why I don’t want my fans to take such characters seriously”

Talking about her personal life she revealed, “People have the impression that there’s a cue of suitors waiting to take me away but that isn’t true. I wish it was the case, but that’s painting too rosy a picture of my life.”


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