Earlier today Epk gave the news that Saba Qamar has signed a project titled “Dhai Chaal”. Dhai Chaal is referred to the move of knight in the chess. The producer Dr. Irfan Ashraf talked to Epk and stated that Saba Qamar will play lead in the project and Shamoon Abbasi will play a main character too.

Furthermore, actor Adnan Shah Tipu was on the shoot and told us “yes, the film is in the works. I have shot for two days”.

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Before the news was posted on social media, Epk reached out to Saba Qamar about the statement given by the makers of “Dhai Chaal”. Saba didn’t respond but minutes after the news went on social media, Saba Qamar went public to reject the news and stated that Epk shouldn’t post such news.
Other than Saba Qamar, Shamoon Abbasi also took to social media to deny signing Dhai Chaal.

We appreciate Shamoon addressing the matter sensibly. Saba Qamar is an experienced artist of Pakistan’s film and television industry. However we would have appreciated the right people were addressed in the public statement. The statement made by her on social media was quite harsh especially when we had only given the statement of the makers of Dhai Chaal.

Epk never posts any news without confirmation. Our credibility speaks for itself as we have never been called out for fake news. Epk is part of the industry and is run by the senior members of the industry who have been part of multiple films and dramas.

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We reached out to the makers of Dhai Chaal after the denial but they again stated that they are in talks with Saba Qamar. We now await who will be playing the lead in Dhai Chaal. Keep an eye at this space for more info about Dhai Chaal and other upcoming projects.


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