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The third episode of Ruswai directed by Rubina Ashraf aired last night on ARY Digital and we found it to be precise as well as interesting because where we already know Salman and Sameera right there a new character has been introduced in the form of Doctor Feroze played by Adnan Jafar who stole every scene he was a part of. 

A love story as well as a emotional saga , Ruswai so far is doing a great job of building the pace which will eventually lead to Sameeras disappearance but at this point in time we are enjoying seeing how she besides loving to spend time with her family is also a devoted doctor who takes her work very seriously .

Set in the back drop of a hospital , we like how the director has kept the outlook of Sameera when working very much in line with her profession . Make up free with tied up hair , we are glad that directors like Rubina who herself is an actress wants to keep the characters as real as possible so everyone can relate to it on a personal level . 

With Sana Javed playing Sameera and Mikaal Zulfiqar as Salman , last night the duo made us smile as playing the game of cat and mouse in the lobby , the scene reminded us of what it was like to be in love as both actors despite not saying much won us over with their facial expressions which were on point and expressed what was in their heart brilliantly as sometimes you don’t really need to be vocal to get your feelings across and this was a wonderful reminder of that. 

Ruswai Episode 2 : Sana Javed and Mikaal Zulfiqar Are The Stars Of The Drama

Coming towards the script penned down by  Naila Ansari , we appreciate how the dialogues are realistic and simple which was visible at many points during the episode hence making us like this one more than the previous two . 

With slight development in the plot last night , the charm of Ruswai is that emphasis is put on all the characters so before the major twist takes place we all should be familiar with who is who .  A character whom we cant wait to find more about is of Doctor Ferozewho is stern in the way he works yet he has that charm which gives us the feeling that he will play an integral part in making sure that Sameera becomes the best that there is as despite her being in love with Salman we have seen him not be as emotionally strong as Sameera who always calls a spade a spade and stand up for what is right . 

Overall the episode we felt was well edited , with best performance by Sana Javed who besides excellent dialogue delivery has lost herself in Sameera which has made you forget about her past roles and that is a talent which not many stars have today . Besides Mikaal , Sana and now Adnan , Ruswai also has Natalia Awais who plays Sameeras younger sister. Despite having limited scenes she left her mark in a positive way as she is a natural actress and we hope to see more of her soon but one actress whom we still find hard to digest especially here is Irsa Ghazal whose portrayal of Salman mother is not clicking with us one bit as from her accent to expressions all are cringe worthy.

So what will the coming episode bring ? Well that time will tell but do share with us what are your thoughts on Ruswai in the comment box below as we would love to get your input on the drama too!    


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