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Ever since we heard that Sana Javed and Mikaal Zulfiqar were pairing up for the drama Ruswai we had been super excited to see the duo share the screen once again as both are a power house of talent and where the story of the drama seems to be moving at a steady pace , the on screen chemistry of the two actors has all the potential to make them a hit pair in the coming weeks for sure.   

Daasi Episode 4 : A Change In Sunehri!

Written by Naila Ansari ,the concept behind Ruswai is a welcome thought as we feel it is important to deal with the culture of watta satta and show it on television since it is a vast medium viewed by many .But if we only focus on the latest episode for the time being ,the truth is that we enjoyed watching it but at times felt that the dialogue delivery especially of Osama Tahir could have been more from the heart especially when he takes a stand for Sameera played by Sana Javed which is impressive but due to the lack of feelings in what he is saying , the scene ended up being not as powerful as it could have been.  

An intriguing second episode , it also  showed Sameera as a strong woman who after not wanting to marry Salman  ( Mikaal Zulfiqar) anymore is determined to study further and that we felt was a very positive message for all the young girls out there that marriage is not everything and the zeal to further improve oneself is indeed the best way to mend a broken heart.  

With director Rubina Ashraf having done her job well, the second episode made us realize that her eye for perfection allowed her to dwell in to the tiniest of details which could be seen from the way Sameeras home was decorated to her entire personal attire , Ruswai gives us the vibe that the project is very close to her heart.

Talking further about the on screen chemistry between Sana and Mikaal, as a couple they do compliment one another as they share a great rapport which was quite apparent every time the duo appeared together but the pair whom we loved this week was of Sameera and her dad played by Muhammad Ahmed as both actors displayed a level of comfort with each other which was visible especially in the lounge scene where Sameera wins a game making her father rejoice   and openly say that she was his favorite child in front of the entire family.  

A star studded cast which also features Usman Peerzada and Seemi Raheal in pivotal roles, the only person who disappointed us was Irsa Ghazal as her characters fake accent was deeply annoying and made one cringe every time she came on screen. 

Despite a few minor glitches ,Ruswai in our eyes has all the potential to be a super hit drama as it has a meaningful story line as well as Sana Javed and Mikaal Zulfiqar on board whom we are certain will make the drama a must watch in the coming weeks . 


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