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“Rubaru Ishq Tha” is a GEO TV serial written by Amber Azhar and directed by Furqan Khan. It stars Danish Taimoor, Sanam Chaudhry, Ushna Shah and Ali Abbas in the lead roles.

The latest episode of the serial was mostly based on Wahaj’s (Ali Abbas) strategies. The episode started with Wahaj not allowing Ayyan (Sanam Chaudhry) to attend university so that he can keep Almeer (Danish Taimoor) and Ayyan apart. The episode also marked the revelation upon Wahaj’s mother regarding the abuse Wahaj inflicts on his wife, Salwa (Ushna Shah). She shows anger towards her son, as a result of which he apologizes to Salwa and promises not to beat her again. The attitude of Ayyan, however, continues to grow worse and seeing her changed attitude towards everyone, the reason behind being Almeer, Wahaj plays a game and accuses Almeer of drug dealing. He executes this act by placing drugs in his bag and carrying out an investigation while he is the university, getting him arrested as a result of it. Wahaj’s expressions and monologue after having performed this act told that Wahaj has done this owing to two reasons, one being that Almeer was interested in Salwa and the other being that Almeer is creating disturbance in his family once again due to his sister’s intense love for him. The episode ended at Wahaj asking Almeer in the prison to leave the country forever.

The episode also marked subtle revelations. Salwa’s khala visits the city with her daughter and husband, yet is unable to meet Salwa despite Salwa’s house being in the neighbourhood. This creates doubts in the minds of khala and her daughter, Hamna which were not told about directly in the episode but only came out as the first subtle spark in the gradual revelation of Salwa’s sad matrimonial life.

We are to see what action Almeer will take now. Will he leave the country in order to save his life or will he show bravery and continue to live in Pakistan? Since Ayyan is sure of Almeer’s decency, what will she do as a result? Will she be able to find out who got Almeer arrested? And what will she do if Almeer decides to leave Pakistan?

Ushna Shah, in the role of an oppressed and quiet wife, proves herself as the best choice with her fine performance, causing the viewers to sympathize with her. Sanam Chaudhry’s style of acting does not come up as something new, for she has done loud and stubborn roles quite often before. It is her acting in “Ab Dekh Khuda Kia Karta Hai” which establishes her as a versatile actor. On the whole, “Rubaru Ishq Tha” presents itself as a strong serial despite revolving around a few characters mostly and presenting calmly moving, soft scenes.

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