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Written by Ambar Azher and directed by Furqan Khan, “Rubaru Ishq Tha” is a GEO TV serial casting Ali Abbas, Ushna Shah, Danish Taimoor and Sanam Chaudhry in the leading roles.

The latest episode of the serial marked two things; a positive change in Wahaaj’s (Ali Abbas) attitude and a more negative one in Ayan’s (Sanam Chaudhry), for the latter cuts her wrist on realizing that her own brother must have got Almeer (Danish Taimoor) arrested and by doing so, threatens Wahaaj that she will injure herself more if Almeer is not released. Emotionally blackmailed, Wahaaj sends order to release Almeer instantly. The change in his own personality is brought about when Almeer tells him that he is already leaving for Canada, which makes Wahaaj realize that Almeer was never interested in Ayan and that Salwa (Ushna Shah) was innocent throughout, for she never intended to ruin two lovers’ lives. He regrets his rude behaviour with Salwa and to make up for his mistakes, joins Salwa at the dinner taking place at her mother’s place, which comes as a relief and a pleasant surprise for Salwa’s relatives who had started to doubt if she is really happy after her marriage.  Salwa, however, continues with her reserved attitude which is justified and understandable because she has gone through a lot at her husband’s hands, who even beat her with a belt in the previous episode.

Episode 17 ended on Salwa’s cousin, Hamna and her bhabi finding Wahaaj and Ayan in a mall and Hamna deciding to meet them. But to Hamna’s shock, Ayan acts very rudely and without even greeting Hamna back, leaves the table.

This scene set the basis for the next episode, which will now be probably based on the rekindling of doubts regarding Salwa’s married life and the information regarding Ayan’s attitude reaching Salwa’s mother and khala. This is to be expected because Ayan’s rudeness is something which Hamna has faced and Hamna is a character who is bold and straightforward. It is probable that Hamna will not remain quiet and probe into the matter.

While this remains one thing to look forward to, the other thing that keeps us curious is the relation of Wahaaj and Salwa. Now that Wahaaj has realised his mistake, will he also gather courage to confess it and ask Salwa for forgiveness? Also, what will Ayan do to stop Almeer from leaving Pakistan, for she is growing stubborn day by day and has promised to herself that she won’t allow Almeer to go to Canada?

While the first half of the episode gave us a hope that Salwa’s life will grow better, the last scene resulted in worries and doubts once again, for Ayan’s behaviour and the reasons behind it might not come as a relief to Salwa’s mother and also her khaloo, who is already a gossip-monger.


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