Critic Rating

Written by: Amber Zahra

Produced by: Zeeshan Khan /TNI production

Directed by:  Furqan Khan

The episode started showing Salwa’s (Ushna Shah) family getting tensed over Wahaj’s (Ali Abbas) behavior. On the other hand, Almeer (Danish Taimoor) tells his father (Javed sheikh) that they have been trapped and Fawad (Almeer’s brother) is innocent. Wahaj’s mother visits Salwa’s house to apologize on Wahaj’s behalf. Inspector Jahanzeb visits Wahaj’s place to investigate the case by taking along a fake girl as her wife and meets his family and also visit his complete house to find any clue related to the case. It is when he finds a bullet from Ayaan’s terrace. Ayaan, on the contrary, is constantly trying to convince Almeer that she has no fault but Almeer makes it clear to her that no matter how hard she tries she will never be able to make a soft corner in his heart.

Ayaan’s behavior and attitude are quite different and normally this much freedom is not given to females in our society no matter how spoiled, rich and pampered she is. Today’s episode was up to the mark but the scene where inspector Jahanzeb visits Wahaj’s house had a flaw. Whenever a stranger visits anybody house and shows a desire to have look on the entire house he is never left alone to visit the home but Jahanzeb was roaming alone in the house which was not acceptable. Moreover, when he introduces Salwa him as investigation officer of crime branch and thanks her for the cooperation even then Salwa was not able to recognize who he was and why did he come.

As far as the performances are concerned Ali Abbas is flawlessly performing his character. Sanam Chaudhary is also too good as Ayyan. Danish Taimoor is also doing justice to the role. All the senior artists are also performing very well.

The upcoming episodes hold some fascinating twists. Will inspector Jahanzeb find the reality or once again Wahaj will hide the truth? Will Ayaan accept her faults or continue her madness? Will Salwa and Wahaj’s relationship survive or will it end destructively?

Ru Baru Ishq Tha being an emotional saga with a love triangle is offering its audience a great package of entertainment leaving them curious with its suspenseful scenes in almost every episode. Moreover, great performances, nice direction and a cast of such diverse talented actors make this serial an attraction for the audience.



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