Critic Rating

Written by: Amber Zahra

Produced by: Zeeshan Khan /TNI production

Directed by:  Furqan Khan

This episode of Ru Baru Ishq tha was very captivating as it revealed so many interesting facts. The episode started showing inspector Jahanzeb investigating Wahaj (Ali Abbas) directly that what does he wants from Almeer (Danish Taimoor) why he is giving him threats what is the reason of his enmity with Almeer but Wahaj denies to admit anything and leave saying that he is not bound to tell anything to him. Wahaj goes to Almeer’s house and threatens him to take his exposition back as he doesn’t want the case to reopen but Almeer refuses to do this and tells Wahaj that he will not take his exposition back until he gets to know the reality. Rifat (Rubeena Ashraf) takes Salwa(Ushna Shah) back to her home and shares her feelings with Safia (Shazia Qaisar) that she is not finding her daughter happy but Safia clears the situation. Almeer follows Ayaans’s (Sanam Chaudhary) car out of curiosity and gets amazed when Ayyan’s car stop in front of Salwa’s home.

The episode ended at a very critical point when Ayaan enter the house and after knowing that Salwa is back again she reacts furiously Wahaj tries to stop Ayaan but Ayaan keeps on shouting and tells Wahaj to divorce Salwa. Almeer gets to know the reality as he was standing on the doorstep and after listening to Ayaan and Wahaj’s conversation he leaves in despair.

Ru Baru Ishq Tha is a story based on desires, love, fate, and revenge. This drama revolves around four characters which are wrapped around the complicated web of relationships that are intermingled in a complex way. It has a very attractive cast, a strong storyline with a tinge of love, hatred, madness, and vengeance. The direction of the play is the biggest reason which keeps the audience enthralled. Each scene is very well directed keeping every minute detail in mind. As far as the performances are concerned every actor is playing its role with perfection. Especially Ali Abbas is flawlessly performing Wahaj’s character. Whereas Ushna Shah’s character is a little disappointment as she doesn’t say a word in her favor despite Wahaj’s brutal behavior with her. Otherwise, this serial has succeeded so far in entertaining its audience.

This serial is giving a positive message to its audience that every emotion is praised until it remains in its limit. The moment love is replaced by madness it destroys everything whether it’s the love between a brother and a sister or the other kind of love.

The upcoming episodes of Ru Baru ishq Tha has a lot more to offer to its audience leaving intriguing questions will Almeer be able to forgive Ayaan? What would Ayaan do to clear her situation? Will Wahaj take any other wrong action for her sister? Would Saalwa keep tolerating all this?

Ever increasing suspense in the story of Ru Baru Ishq Tha together with its fine direction and decent performances keep the audience connected.



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