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Written by: Amber Zahra

Produced by: Zeeshan Khan /TNI production

Directed by:  Furqan Khan

Today’s episode started showing Salwa (Ushna Shah) being upset for Almeer (Danish Taimoor) as he got to know the reality. Wahaj (Ali Abbas) taunts Salwa that it is good for Almeer to know everything and tells her to pay gratitude that Almeer is alive even after what he did with his sister. Almeer’s mother asks him about Ayan but he gets angry which makes her curious. While the situation also gets revealed on Salwa’s mother when Wahaj humiliates her when she comes to visit Salwa. The episode ended at an interesting note showing inspector Jahanzeb is intelligently trying to connect the clues and solve the case he meets Almeer and tells him that his brother was innocent.

Ru Baru Ishq Tha is a story of a love triangle between three university friends whose relationship gets destroyed due to wild desires, fate, and revenge. This drama shows love can be; one of a brother and sister and the other kind of love. It has a very attractive cast, a strong storyline with a tinge of love, hatred, madness, and vengeance. The direction of the play is the biggest reason which keeps the audience enthralled.

Each scene is very well directed keeping every minute detail in mind. As far as the performances are concerned every actor is playing its role with perfection. Especially Ali Abbas is flawlessly performing Wahaj’s character. Whereas Ushna Shah’s character is a little disappointment as she doesn’t say a word in her favor despite Wahaj’s brutal behavior with her. Otherwise, this serial has succeeded so far in entertaining its audience.

This serial is giving a positive message to its audience that hate and revenge destroy relationships and no one can have anybody’s love forcefully. Every emotion is praised until it remains in its limit. The moment love is replaced by madness it destroys everything whether it’s the love between a brother and a sister or the other kind of love.

The upcoming episodes of Ru Baru Ishq Tha have a lot more to offer to its audience. What will Almeer do to find the answers to his questions? Would Wahaj change his behavior towards Salwa? What will Ayan do to clarify her situation will she play some more games?

Ever increasing suspense in the story of Ru Baru Ishq Tha together with its fine direction and decent performances keep the audience connected.


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