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Written by: Amber Zahra

Production House: TNI production

Directed by:  Furqan Khan

Latest episode of the serial unfolds many interesting notes of the story. Episode start with scene between Salwa (Ushna Shah) and Wahaj (Ali Abbas) where wahaj enters the room and Salwa unconsciously takes Almeer’s (Danish Taimoor) name in front of him and he gets frustrated by this and taunts Salwa that she is still remembering his ex lover. On the other hand Almeer gets to know by inspector Jahnzeb that it was Wahaj who kept drugs in Almeer’s bag. Almeer is trying to know the reason of Wahaj’s grudge and investigating Ayaan (Sanam Chaudhary) because, he saw Ayaan with Wahaj. Ayaan tell his brother Wahaj that Almeer wants to meet her family upon hearing this, Wahaj gets furious that she has no idea what problem she is going to create by doing all this but Ayaan refuses to understand anything. Ayaan being frustrated tries to kill Salwa but Wahaj comes on time and handles the situation. Episode ends leaving the audience in suspense with a scene portraying inspector Jahnzeb investigating Wahaj that why did he put drugs in Almeer’s bag?

Drama is doing justice with its unique story line and good direction despite of a flaw in this episode that when Ayaan attempts to murder Salwa where was Safia because in spite of living in the same house she was unaware of the incident and it was not shown where she was. Otherwise episode was well directed. As far as the performances are concerned each actor in the drama serial is playing his/her role with complete honesty. Ali Abbas is flawlessly brilliant as Wahaj. Ushna Shah is promising in the role of an oppressed girl. Sanam Chaudhary is also doing a keen job. Minute details including frame setting and costumes are taken care of in the serial.

Ru baru Ishq tha being an emotional saga with a different story is offering its audience a great package of entertainment leaving them curious with its suspenseful scenes in almost each episode. Moreover great performances, nice direction and a cast of such diverse talented actors make this serial an attraction for the audience. This drama also has a plus point that it is offering Ali Abbas and Sanam Chaudhary totally opposite roles as compared to those that they have done before and witnessing these brilliant actors in such diverse new roles is a delightful addition to the drama as their fans would definitely going to love their performances.

Upcoming episodes are expected to make this serial much more fascinating what will Almeer’s reaction when he will get to know that Wahaj and Salwa are Ayaan’s brother and sister in law. Will Ayaan be able to handle the situation or will it make the circumstances even worse for Ayaan?

Drastically changing scenarios and ever modifying story of the drama has the capability to leave the audience spell bound which make it viewer’s choice.


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