Romeo weds heer

The lighthearted comical drama Romeo Weds Heer started with a bang. The serial assembled the team of the popular drama “Khaani” once again and created yet another drama which garnered a lot of attention especially in the first half phase of its run. The drama starred the highly adored pair of Sana Javed and Feroze Khan in lead.

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The drama’s title song in particular was a treat and it gave the drama a filmy touch. The drama’s glitz and glam, settings and wardrobe surely set new trends. With unique and colorful characters on board, the drama was a spectacle.

The team’s handwork was evident through out the drama’s run. Even though the characters were marred by sloppy writing, the actors still did their best to bring soul to the drama. Overall the performances were an apt example of slapstick comedy. The makers delved into many small details, from props to settings and everything appeared great.

The drama’s hype soon diminished due to its weak script. As the comedy drama bid the screens farewell yesterday, the drama has left one major impact.

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The drama was a lighthearted escape for some people while it was severely criticized by many other people. Be that as it may, the drama still managed to set new trends in the genre of comedy and it will surely be remembered for that.

The team of Romeo Weds Heer

Following Romeo Weds Heer, many new comedy dramas are springing up on a similar theme. It is safe to say that Romeo Weds Heer initiated the trend of wedding themed comedy dramas. After Romeo Weds Heer, many channels approached the writer of the drama, Dr Younis Butt and asked him to write them comedy plays!

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This is surely an achievement on Romeo Weds Heer’s part. A few new comical dramas based on the theme of wedding are starting from Eid on different channels.


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