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Written By: Muhammad Younis Butt

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi (7th Sky Productions)

Directed by: Anjum Shahzad


With episode 8 of Romeo Weds Heer, the “Rom” in this popular Rom-Com has finally started to emerge. Love has started to kindle between the two protagonists i.e. Heer (Sana Javed) and Romeo ( Feroz Khan). The audience could not be happier!

In episode 8, Romeo and Heer begin to like each other’s company. An important highlight from this show: Romeo succeeds in breaking up with Shanzay before their engagement.

While we missed Jaidi (Ali Safina) in this episode however Aflatoon (Ali Rizvi) and Nazar (Shafqat Ali) got a chance to take over the screen and show us how versatile they are as actors.



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This episode revolved around the issue of Romeo’s marriage with Rania (her cousin) and Heer’s growing disdain towards her groom to be. Both, Romeo and Heer, have finally found a way to be friends. Their newly formed relationship is a shock for everyone at University. But for the audience, an exciting ride has just been unbarred.

The slight change in the expressions and body language of the protagonists or the “ Khani Couple” truly gave us goosebumps. It was an “aww moment” when Heer handed out a thank you note to Romeo. Another endearing scene was when Romeo returned Heer’s shoes (the one’s she threw at him during their quarrels). Followed by Heer’s adorable and funny line, “Jo meray jhootay itnay sumbhal k rakhta hai, wo mujay kitna sumbhal k rakhay ga?” One can laugh at how absurd the comparison is but simultaneously its cute.



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This duo will live in the hearts of viewers for a long time! However, the characters haven’t acknowledged their love for each other, yet. The two sweetly mingled for a short while, and started brawling right after! Old habits die hard.

Romeo’s funky jackets, Heer’s traditional colorful attire, Hakeem sahab’s ancient cap and Jaidi’s ethnic Arab dress have become ideal props of the drama, something which is being discussed on dinning tables and in gatherings! Pakistanis are back at admiring comical characters.

Not to forget Nazar (Syed Shafat Ali)’s whining signature line: “ Mein damaad hun, laikin meeri izat nahe ha “. This comical character is also as hungry for gossips as a lion for lamb, spying on his in-laws across doors and walls!

While Romeo’s parents continue to give fatuous expressions which are fitting to a comical plot, Heer’s mother has finally entered a mature acting arena. She is growing as an actor.

All of the characters are on an excellent flight of  satirical acting and have developed over time, quite a lot. Sana Javed and Feroz Khan’s acting still steals the show away.



The cinematography and dialogues were as usual very captivating and impressive. The audience are in awe of the new lovey-dovey development between the adorable Romeo and Heer. The drama has become increasingly intriguing.


Already awaiting another blooming episode. Cheers!




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