Critic Rating

Written By:  Muhammad Younis Butt

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi (7th Sky Productions)

The Khani couple is back with a bang! No no, there is no serious drama involved…. This time around it is pure rom-com. Isn’t that great? Isn’t it a relief that this time around, you won’t have an emotional breakdown because of an intense plot? Well the 4th episode of Romeo Weds Heer was a height of comedy!


Episode 4 had amusing turns in the story, where Heer (Sana Javed) tries to stop her engagement. Whereas Jaidi (Ali Safina) gets trolled by the Romeo and his friends in the University. Aflatoon steals the engagement ring and sells it. This sums the hullabaloo caused in this episode.

The inner comedian in each of the characters has finally started to emerge and establish a natural aura. The performances of these characters is giving laughing fits to the audience occasionally.

Romeo (Feroz Khan) did not play a major role in this episode but he did show promising acting. He was upbeat according to his mischievous character. We have come to fancy Romeo’s acting, the frequent change in his tone depicts his cool and Romeo’s expressions are a fitting depiction of his character. Now, will this character of Feroz Khan become the new crush of his female fans?

Heer (Sana Javed) seems to be overdoing her character in this episode but perhaps this is the demand of a comedy plot. Her expressions were monotonous. She displayed anger and that too in a very typical novice manner.

Jaidi’s (Ali safina) excellent dialogue delivery & acting kept the audience engrossed.

You know what has become the trademark of the drama as a whole? Nazar’s (Syed Shafat Ali) dialogue “After all mein damaad hun (after all I am the son-in-law). He has depicted the psyche of a Pakistani damaad very well as he is always pining for respect.


Heer’s Sister (baji) is so far the only character whose acting was fairly realistic. Although one can’t blame the rest because the entire drama is a comedy of manners so the emphasis is on farce & exaggerated humor. She also played the role of a sensible and supportive elder sister by trying to convince her mother to break Heer’s engagement of with Jaidi but ends up making her husband angry. Just imagine the cobweb she is stuck in!

Hakeen Luqman (Firdous Jamal) played his role really well. However, it was quite striking how an old man managed to literally run out of the scene when he was scolding his son who stole the engagement ring. Apparently, Hakeem saab is very fit for his age.

Aflatoon (Ali Rizvi)’s acting skills were on point but it seems there is still room for improvement. Nevertheless, he did deliver the role of halfwit aptly.

However, I am in complete awe of the cinematography and dialogues. Kudos to the team! After quite a long time of portraying negativity and picking up serious issues, Geo TV has come up with a romantic comedy, which gives the audience laughs and makes their day better. This drama is receiving a good rating which doesn’t come as a surprise because it is a project of Muhammad Younis Butt and 7th Sky.

I am already intrigued, are you?


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