Critic Rating

Directed by: Anjum Shahzad

Written by: Dr. Younis Butt

Produced by:  Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Another hilarious episode of Romeo Weds Heer aired on Geo Tv. It opens as Romeo (Feroz Khan) is caught by his Professor (Zulqurnanin) while goofing around outside the ladies toilet. Romeo has been ordered by his parents to avoid junk food from his university cafeteria as they are conscious of his health. Meanwhile, Nazar and Aflatoon (Heer’s sister) go to Heer’s university as they are eager to see Romeo as they believe Heer likes Romeo. It was amusing to see how Heer reacted to this.

Shafqat Ali has a bold and hyper character. He is full of energy throughout and seems to be overplaying his part. Nazar and Aflatoon overacted as well when they preached Heer’s university.

However, Heer and Romeo have been playing their parts very well. They fit their roles and have given us our favorite couple onscreen again.

Romeo jeers at Heer when he finds out about her proposal. Chishmatu is another character who has been overdoing his part. His acting skills need improvement. The drama seems like an imitation of Indian comedy dramas. Every character in the drama has played their roles in an exaggerated manner. Sana Javed and Feroz Khan’s acting has made the drama somewhat better.

In this episode, Heer’s mother meets Jaidi, in order to finalize her daughter’s marriage to him. Jaidi is another comical character in this drama.

He dresses in a ridiculous Arabic attire and wears sunglasses everywhere. He has an absurd way of mixing Arabic and Urdu while speaking. However, it looks like he is trying too hard to give us laughs.

The duo, Sana Javed and Feroz Khan may be the only reason why people are liking the drama. The storyline is different and therefore likable as it is not a typical drama. However, overall the actors in this drama lack acting skills. The drama is predictable as it is apparent that Heer and Romeo are going to fall in love eventually. However, Heer’s arranged marriage will prove to be a hurdle for them! Will they be able to stop Heer’s wedding?



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