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Written By: Muhammad Younis Butt

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi


Romeo Weds Heer, is an amusing Rom-Com being broadcasted on Geo Tv. As audience, we cherish the occasional jokes they crack which give us a break from our monotonous and hectic life. After a long time, an 8 p.m. Sunday drama has become a family treat.

This episode began with a heated argument about who will Romeo (Feroz Khan) marry? He breaks the news to his parents that he is already in love with a girl and would only marry her. Romeo’s parents order him to invite the girl over lunch. Romeo hurries into confessing his feelings for Heer (Sana Javed) in the university cafeteria, although she didn’t have any clue prior to this. This literally happened within minutes and gave the viewers a jolt. Right after he proclaims his love, Heer forces Romeo to propose to her. There you see Romeo, who finds himself in the middle of an unromantic proposal, in front of the professor.


Feroz Khan as Romeo


Moving on, Heer goes to Romeo’s house where she meets his parents Dr. Raja (Zia Gorchani) and Dr. Shehnaz (Saman Ansari), who find her persona a bit strange. Her father’s occupation disturbs Dr. Shehnaz because she is dislikes herbalists. Therefore, the couple reject Heer altogether. This results in a heated argument. Romeo becomes rude with his parents.

On the other hand back at Heer’s place, Hakeem Luqman (Firdous Jamal), Soni Baji (Maryam Ansari), Nazar and Aflatoon (Ali Rizvi) talk about a marriage proposal for Heer’. This makes Nazar (Shafat Ali) insecure about his status as Ghar damad (son-in-law). He begins taunting his in laws that they don’t give him enough respect and later on gets an angry look from his wife Soni which settles the situation. Hats off to Syed Shafat Ali for his epic acting, the drama has poked fun at a characteristic which is commonly found in the son-in-laws of our society.

The twist in the love story of Romeo and Heer has just began and the viewers are excited to know what may happen next. However, the audience are most eager to see an intense chemistry spring up between the duo who have just realized their feelings.

Heer is not your delicate, sensitive and traditional girl. She is the modern day strong, intelligent, fast, outspoken girl who is always ready to fight for her rights. No one has the audacity to overpower her. The way she carries the desi look, is flawless and commendable.


Sana Javed as Heer


Somehow Heer is under the impression that Romeo’s parents have accepted her. She quickly points how incompatible their two families are. Heer’s family is too desi, is always cracking jokes, taunting each other and is laughing off most of the situations. While, Romeo’s family is more sophisticated, they are career oriented and we do not see them cracking jokes among themselves, however there are heated arguments every now and then.


Saman Ansari as Dr Shehnaz


Elephant (Romeo’s friend) is the new supporting role in the drama. Heer’s mother had more of a silent role in today’s episode while (Ali Safina) Jaidi’s epic acting was missed! We wish for him to make a come back in the drama, somehow. Simultaneously, the next challenge is for Romeo to impress Heer’s family!!

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