Geo Entertainment aired the mega episode of Romeo Weds Heer on Sunday which featured the 33rd and 34th episode of the serial. Romeo Weds Heer’s quality has been quite low. The drama has been a disappointment however one expects good pacing from a mega episode. Well thankfully we did see good pacing in the mega episode, however there were horrible mistakes in these two episodes.

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The episode reached new highs of stupidity in its story telling. The episode featured some important scenes regarding the story but they were executed poorly. There seemed no soul in any scene. Performances looked plain and despite heavy development in the plot, one couldn’t take this double dose of Romeo Weds Heer. The reason for which Heer gets angry on Romeo was silly and it was executed terribly.

Romeo Weds Heer
Romeo Weds Heer

There were few solid dialogues but the story was so irrational that one can’t digest it. What was most irritating was that the episodes had major editing issues. Few scenes had sound issues especially the one where Shanzay takes Romeo on a long drive.

Romeo agrees to go on a long drive with Shanzay, which makes us wonder is Romeo really that mindless to agree and go out with the same girl who has become the reason for his fight with his wife? One could also notice sound issues during this long drive. Then out of no where Shanzay starts confessing her love to Romeo. In return, Romeo asks her to stop the car and she does so. The highly confusing turn of events did not make any sense. Then the last scene of the episode made no sense either. At first shot it is shown that Romeo is alone at home and then in the next frame, Heer appears there.

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Then we are introduced to a new character called Jamshaid. It was extremely confusing to see Shanzay show up at Romeo and Heer’s home and tell them that he is the guy she is marrying. Well as a consolation, Jamshaid gives you a Emraan Hashmi vibes from his looks and character.

The best thing about the MEGA episode was that it had lesser comedy. Episodes consisted of the least comedy till date for any episode of the serial. However, every scene was absurd and silly. The mega episode were an utter non sense.

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It also had major sound issues and even editing issues. Performances were poor as well and we can’t label even a single act or scene of the episode as decent. It was a complete fiasco.

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