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Written By: Muhammad Younis Butt

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi (7th Sky Productions)


This episode was all about finding Heer, who went missing.


The plot of 5th episode was generally serious, whereby we witnessed Nazar (Syed Shafat Ali) in a serious outlook when he finds out that Heer (Sana Javed) was missing and starts taunting his wife and mother-in-law.

The satirical depiction of the police was also shown. When Hakeem Saab (Firdous Jamal)
reaches police station, all tensed, the SHO asks him to bring fairness cream with him or he would have to return empty handed. Hakeem Saab exhibits utter patience when the rest of the police department starts to present their health problems to him and he wraps up the discussion by inviting them to his dawa Khanna (clinic).



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This was followed by another display of hilarious drama in Dr. Shabaz’s hospital cabin, where Jaidi and Aflatoon  (Ali Rizvi) arrive inquiring about Heer. Just before their arrival, Dr. Shabaz receives a call that a mentally retarded patient would visit him soon and would ask for his dulhan (bride). On their arrival, Dr. Shabaz injects Jaidi with a medicine and runs after Aflatoon to give him an injection, where the scene ends.

The Arabian cultural acting of Jaidi (Ali Safina) was the highlight of the episode. His spectacular facial expressions and acrobatics triggered laughing fits every now and then. Where as, Nazar’s (Syed Shafat Ali)’s dialogue “After all mein damad hun”, is incomparably witty. It shines light on the typical mindset of a Pakistani damad. The exposition of his dialogue was joyous. He keeps demanding respect, whereas no one really gives him.


Shafaat Ali as Aflatoon



Heer was not present during most of the time therefore the audience were curious for her appearance. Her apt expressions in the beginning of the episode were like a black rose in the garden. The 5th episode of Romeo Weds Heer established Romeo (Feroz Khan) as a  Mama’s boy when he is is at home and a flirt when in University.


Feroz Khan and Sana Javed as Romeo and Heer

After a long time, the supporting roles have been given space to grow and develop. Sonia Baji (Heer’ sister) has proved to be a protective elder sister throughout the episode, simultaneously she remembered her duty towards the rest of the family in the time of distress. Bubly and Chashmatu ( Heer’s friends) add a little cuteness to the entire plot.

Furthermore, Hakeem Saab (Heer’s father) continued his seasoned acting and depicted the traits of a typical Desi man. The lighting and location were on fleek. The episode closed when Hakeem Saab found out that Heer was unconscious in a hospital.

Let’s wait till next week for another laughter session. After all “mein damaad hu” reminds us of that one funny relative  in our family, who is always craving respect.


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