Romeo weds heer

Romeo Weds Heer is on its 32nd episode but the tale hasn’t seen much progression. Ever since Romeo and Heer have been wedded, the narrative has been progressing at a snail speed. It appears the makers are trying too hard to make the chemistry between Feroze Khan and Sana Javed appear believable. They are adamant to make it appear adorable however they are failing to do so. Although their pairing did appear fresh and pleasant in the beginning but it is simply become annoying now.

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Drama was a bit bearable in the starting episodes however with every passing episode, the characters are becoming more irksome. The drama tries really hard to make us laugh but it fails miserably. Jokes used in the latest episode were actually stupid and the comedy was being forced as always.

The latest episode unfolded some predictable turn of events, with some scenes focusing on Ali Safina who has bored us with his portrayal of Sheikh whereas the rest of the scenes focused on MPA Podina. After hearing the name of Mr Podina for 31 Episodes, we at last saw him for the very first time and what a fiasco he was. The whole sequence of Mr Podina was idiotic and mindless. Furthermore, the forced comedy was just too much to digest.

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At this point, we just want the serial to end but it is dragging on. Its a huge waste of talent and opportunity. Story has been in the stalemate for weeks now but at least we saw some progress in the narrative in this episode. The latest installment hinted a plot twist for the next episode where Shanzay is going to reveal her love interest for Romeo (Feroze Khan)

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One must say that the twist they are trying to pull off is catastrophic. The drama is a colossal disappointment and has reached the magnitude where it is super irritating.

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