Critic Rating

Directed by: Anjum Shahzad

Written by: Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt

Produced by: 7th Sky Entertainment

Finally, the angry young man Feroze Khan is seen in a different role; a fun character though named Romeo. Before coming to the episode, the soundtrack of this drama serial actually went really viral and trending on social media before the on-air of drama even. Younis Butt as all other comic projects like Hum Sab Umeed Say Hein and Miss Fit. This one is a little different than his other writings as it also includes a romantic factor.

Aflatun (Ali Rizvi) viral the news of Heer’s (Sana Javed) proposal in his family. Hakeem Sb (Firdous Jamal) is insulted by Doctor Shehnaz (Saman Ansari) in the morning show. It seems like Romeo likes Heer but is unable to confess it in front of her.

Nazar (Shafaat Ali) is Hakeem Sb’s son-in-law and doing irritating acting like he is totally copying the character of Waseem Abbas in drama serial Angan even in his dialogue delivery and also his repetition of sentences is not funny, it looks funny once; not many times in the same scene.

Feroze Khan is looking good in the character and also different from all his other characters from other drama serials like Khaani though he is doing a hyperactive acting but suiting him.

Romeo mixes sleeping tablet in Heer’s shake. She sleeps during her viva.

One thing that pinched in the scene of the university where Romeo mixes sleeping tablet in Heer’s shake that boys do not wear a sleeveless shirt in university. In every university, it is strictly written to follow dressing code. Therefore, a major direction lacked here.

Sana Javed’s acting is also going really good with the character.

Heer mixes tablet in Romeo’s tea which causes him diarrhea and has to lose viva too.

As a guess to the upcoming episodes, they both will fall in love with each other but it will be different to lose ego in front; the story will be interesting especially for students who take university like as fun life.


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