Will things end between Romeo and Heer when Heer discovers the truth? Will Daneen regret her hasty decisions, and will the two families ever resolve their issues? So many questions were raised this Sunday and had us gripped for the next episodes too!

Romeo Weds Heer

Getting rid of Furyal was only the first of many events to happen the night of Romeo and Heer’s wedding. After secretly getting rid of her, Romeo opens the door to Heer’s entire family who brought food for the night and occupy Romeo and Heer’s house.

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While this is going on, Romeo’s family also shows up and of course chaos ensues between the two families as each try to make the other leave. After much fighting, the two families finally leave and Romeo and Heer are alone, but another problem piles on top when Furyal returns looking for Romeo!

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Now that the entire story is revealed to Heer, of course she loses her temper and suspects Romeo of cheating. Once more an entire scene is created but Romeo manages to placate Heer and they resolve their dispute. By now each episode has the same pattern that it follows and nothing new seems to be happening, and now that Heer and Romeo have finally gotten married, is the excitement of the drama finally over?

For now, the drama has managed to run on but the way things are going it seems they’re running out of ideas.

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Not a single episode of this series until now has failed! From the writing to the story to the acting and the set…. all factors are superb. So Daneen is definitely not taking the separation from Areesh well, but her personality is stubborn enough that she does not let anyone see her pain and instead acts as if she has everything under control.

Although claiming that she had thought it through, Daneen makes a hasty decision of asking to be married to a much older Saif who had a previous marriage. Izza is the only person who tries to put some sense into Daneen, and she almost succeeds when Daneen finally opens up and cries about everything. The eve of her final decision, Daneen calls Areesh to ask him to rescue her, but Areesh tells her it’s too late.

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Having lost everything, Daneen becomes numb and accepts Saif as her future husband. Dada is also close to dying and wishes to see Ghazanfar and that side of the family. When Daneen and her father go to their house, Ghazanfar insults both of them and this time, it appears that Daneen and her father will never forgive them again!

It seems as if the high-headedness of the family and their egos are going to destroy them and rip them apart. While Izza and Altamash definitely have a lot of chemistry and suddenly have become the most-liked couple in the drama, Izza still despises him for being rude and narcissistic.

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Altamash is genuinely the most intriguing character of all; even though on surface level he does act just like his family, his back story is much more sympathizing and the relationship he has with Aania is beautiful.

If you’re not watching this drama by now, you’re missing out! The story is simple yet well-executed, and that is far more impactful than any complicated plot would have been.

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The lighthearted drama Romeo Weds Heer takes the lead on Sunday while Anaa has become my personal favorite among many others. With such multi-dimensional characters and a simple yet intriguing story, Anaa is bound to get the appreciation it deserves.

Romeo Weds Heer is loved the same as ever but the only problem is repetition of the same events in different light. Nevertheless, it is fun and the audiences seem to be having a good time with it!

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