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Film producer and director Rohit Shetty is currently basking in the glory of Simmba’s success at the box office. The Ranveer Singh starrer Simmba is nearing the 200cr mark in India while it has also set up records in Pakistan. We saw Shahrukh Khan Starrer Zero’s release one week before Simmba. The two major films had many expectations and people immediately began to compare the two films. Unfortunately Zero has been an under performer both in India and Pakistan while Simmba is reeling in success.

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Rohit Shetty revealed that he is glad that the films did not release together as that would have further aggravated the rumors of a tiff between himself and Shahrukh Khan. He credited Karan Johar for moving the release date of Simmba to one week ahead. He revealed that it was Karan Johar who took the initiate to move the date otherwise he believes people would have said that it was a deliberate clash.

Rohit Shetty clears the air regarding Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan and Rohir Shetty

He clarified that there is no bad blood between himself and Shahrukh Khan. While there was news that the two had some creative differences during the filming of Dilwale. Rohit Shetty clarified that all is good.  

In an interview given to Zoom Tv, he rubbished the rumors of a fallout with Shahrukh Khan. He said,  

“No, no, no, no actually you know what happens is on a technical basis people don’t realise, if you see the titles of Simmba, the colour, the DI (of the film) everything has happened at Red Chillies where Zero was also being worked, and that is Shah Rukh’s company. So, agar aisa kuch hoga (his alleged fight with SRK) then why would I work there. There’s nothing like that. Nothing.”

The director reasoned that if he and Shahrukh Khan had hard feelings then why would he have worked with Shahrukh Khan’s company, Red Chillies Entertainment while making Simmba?

He added, “So, agar aisa kuch hoga (his alleged fight with SRK) then why would I work there. There’s nothing like that. Nothing. It’s just that we’ve not done a film together toh abhi yeh ho gaya ki jhagda ho gaya hai. That happens.”

Rohit Shetty had recently given the statement that Deepika Padukone should get the maximum credit for the success of Chennai Express instead of Shahrukh Khan, aggravating the rumors.

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However, in a detailed interview to Zoom Tv, Rohit Shetty said that Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan are superstars and flop films are not going to take away their stardom. Upon being asked his views on what he thinks about people claiming that the Khans are nearing the end?

Shahrukh Khan and Rohit Shetty

He said that there was the recent example of Salman Khan’s Tubelight. After Tubelight, Salman Khan’s stardom was questioned and people even said that he was over however, Salman Khan’s next film Tiger Zinda Hai proved them wrong. He said it is only about time when Khans will give hits again, and people will start saying that the Khans are back. According to him, media outlets are only sensationalizing and the Khans have not gone anywhere.

Meanwhile, Shahrukh Khan is gearing up for the shoot of his upcoming film, tentatively titled Saree Jahan Se Accha.

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The film will hit the floors in February and is a biopic of Rakesh Sharma.


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