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A drama serial that attracts us owing to its strong characters, each being rich and complete in itself with a particular trait unique to it, “Ro Raha Hai Dil” has been written by Sameena Nazeer and directed by BQ. It runs on TV ONE and stars Asad Siddique, Mariam Ansari, Sonia Mishal, Usman Peerzada, Junaid Khan and Atiqa Odho.

The 2nd episode of the serial started with Zoya (Sonia Mishal) crying over her late mother’s grave and not allowing her father, Daud Shah (Usman Peerzada) to pat her, for the apparent reason for her mother’s death is her father’s affair with another woman, for which Zoya is not ready to forgive him. She holds equal hatred for her father’s sister (Atiqa Odho) and is also indifferent to the love of her phupho’s son, Ahad (Junaid Khan). Zoya is shown becoming wayward in her rebellion against her father and inclining towards liberal arts such as abstract painting, classical dance and music, without caring what others think. The other thing shown in the episode was the binary between Ayesha (Mariam Ansari) and Humayun (Asad Siddique), a couple definitely not meant to be together, for Ayesha is a simple and innocent woman while Humayun is a drunkard and a gambler and is also gradually gaining control over Daud Shah’s business, under whom he works. This is partly due to the indifference Daud Shah is showing towards his business, for what is hovering his mind more than work is the sad fact that his daughter is moving away from him.


Sonia Mishal as Zoya in Ro Raha Hai Dil


The message that was prominently being conveyed in this episode was that excessive wealth is no guarantee for a happy and satisfying life. Daud Shah is an affluent man indulged in depression, with his money proving to be of no help in his predicament. The other thing which the viewers learnt from this episode is that the conflicts and rows between elders in a family impact the younger generation in a negative manner and turns them into insurgent and unforgiving human beings. Zoya does not respect her father and her phupho for the insulting attitude which was adopted by the two towards Sana Daud Shah while she was alive.

Curiosity lies in whether the couple of Ayesha and Humayun will turn out to be a happy living couple or not, for no interaction has been shown uptil now between the two. But the prominent difference in their personalities does raise questions. This also becomes a subject of curiosity owing to the scene in which Humayun catches Zoya and Ahad together while driving and shows an expression which depicts that Humayun is upto no good, be it related to Daud Shah or his daughter.


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