black panther

Black Panther completes one year today as film had released last year on 16th February, 2018. Marvel’s super hero film had emerged quite a success in Pakistan becoming highest grossing marvel film outside Avengers series.

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Film had actually seen very solid trending. Film’s opening Week was less than films like Thor Ragnarok but lifetime numbers went well ahead of that film. Film raked in around 7.75cr approx in it’s lifetime run. And film till date stands as second highest grossing film ever released in month of February in Pakistan.

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Superhero flick had emerged a mega success in North America where film still stands as highest grossing super hero film ever collecting 700m $. That puts film even ahead of Avengers: Infinity War which had grossed 678m $.

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When we talk of Pakistan, Avengers: Infinity War is miles ahead of Black Panther with almost thrice the business of Black Panther. But that is not a fair comparison as Black Panther didn’t have any face value for Pakistani audiences yet numbers went ahead of biggies like Thor. Now Thor has actually very good face value in Pakistan and Black Panther with it’s first film had beaten it with some good margin.


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