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“11 years and 22 movies”, third phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to an end with Spider-Man: Far From Home. The phase which started with Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man back in 2008 had an epic penultimate in the shape of Avengers: Endgame. This Weekend Marvel released the last one i.e. Spider Man Far From Home starring Tom Holland, Samuel L Jackson and Zendeya. The movie establishes the loss of Iron Man and Peter’s attempts to escape from the pain.The scale of Spider Man in Marvel universe has been elevated unlike the previous renditions of Spider Man which were solely owned by Sony. Did the movie leave an impact as Avengers Endgame? Read on to find out!

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The makers have tried to change it up this time around, by making Spider Man more than just friendly neighborhood. The movie has set the basis of Spider Man’s role in the upcoming phase 4 as well. The film gives Spider Man more responsibility but also keeps the character close to reality. Essentially Peter is a teenage kid, who wants to do regular teenage stuff and this fact has been very well established along with his super strength and intelligence.

Directed by Jon Watts who has numerous Marvel films under his belt, we expected something great this time around as well. The director has certainly taken the narrative in a good direction. The entire movie is well paced with not a single dull moment. Jon Watts had also directed Spider Man Homecoming and he has taken his skills as a director to next level in Far From Home. He wrapped the film in less than 130 minutes yet he has placed all the ingredients i.e. comedy, emotions, action, romance in the right place with proper dose of all these elements.

Chris McKenna has done excellent job with the screenplay. The first half of the movie is extremely enjoyable and the action sequences in the second half are impressive.The narrative of the film is pretty straightforward yet interesting with some surprise elements. Climax is pulled off intelligently which puts you on the edge of the seat. Peter Parker was shown taking a mature decision at the end of Homecoming, which was followed by highly emotional turn of events in Endgame. This affected Peter badly and that has been shown in a very effective way in the film. His maturity , fight for the betterment and love for Tony, all are depicted in extremely brilliant way.

Tom Holland was never trusted with the script

Tom Holland is admirable in this installment, be it humor or emotion he has exhibited them well and makes us love Spider Man even more.The film also reflected his intelligence and creativity that he uses while fighting the elementals. Jake Gyllenhaal puts up a convincing charade as well and comes off as a smart and cunning villain. MJ and Peter’s chemistry is also adorable and their scenes together are entertaining.

The movie’s visuals and cinematography deserve an applause. The whole story was based on illusions and the way the illusions have been brought on screen is mind blowing. The action sequences and the scenes within the illusions are very well choreographed.Spider Man Far from Home is certainly a good post Avengers Endgame fix. The film certainly beats Endgame in terms of giving us thrilling action sequences.The scale of the action sequences is also wide and there are scenes in which it seems that Spider Man alone is not enough yet he manages to pull it off.

The movie’s post credit scenes were also very interesting. Especially the first one was worth the wait. It teases on what is yet to come in the upcoming films and it is certainly exciting. Overall a highly entertaining movie filled with lots of action and mind blowing graphics giving us a true superhero movie experience.


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