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27th February Wednesday 2019 dramas:

Kaisa Hai Naseeban (ARY) IDream Productions

Now that Ahmed and Mariam are back in Malaysia, it comes out that Mariam is pregnant but the news isn’t as happy as it sounds for everyone. Ahmed already suspects that she is cheating on him, and follows her after work to find her going to her other job.

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Even though it isn’t as bad, Ahmed still loses his temper and drags her home where he beats her brutally in front of everyone, including Waheed. Waheed obviously does not approve of this and takes Mariam to his house instead until things cool over.

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Back in Pakistan, Mariam’s parents are in the danger of losing their house but Affan decides to help them with it. The issue of domestic abuse is really highlighted in this episode as shown by Ahmed’s character, and how Ahmed’s mother and sister blame Mariam instead for instigating him instead of blaming their own son. Mariam does stand up for herself in the end of the episode with her phuppo but gets told that she should be grateful and serve her husband, which is what most victims of domestic abuse get told.

The drama definitely removes the stigma attached against leaving such relationships as it should, and characters like Waheed are an example of the kind of behavior that should be adopted by society as well.

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Qaid (Geo Tv) Showcase Productions

The horrible conditions in which Reham lives in do not change much but the death of her father really shows her who her real family and friends are. While Farah is doing her best to get Ashir to like her, Reham’s father marries his son off but the pressure of it all gets too much and he has a heart attack.

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When Bari Apa finds out about it, she tries to help Reham and begs Ashir to let her leave for the funeral. But everyone is cold-hearted and ignorant of Reham’s sorrow. However, Ashir does start to reflect on how he has turned out and how cruel he has become. One of the better things that happened in this episode was Reham deciding to take matter into her own hands and left the house for her father’s funeral.

Even though her family does not treat her well and kicks her out, she still makes a great choice by being strong enough for herself. It will be nice to see more of this from Reham in future episodes instead of her just becoming  typical, helpless woman like most dramas.

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Tajdeed e Wafa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

This was a relatively lighter episode compared to the rest. Arsal is told by Hareem’s mother than Asher and Hareem plan on getting married. Even though this is distorted, Arsal races over to Karachi to confront Asher where he finds out he was wrong.

To antagonize him in revenge, Hareem pretends she wants to marry Asher. Not much happened in this episode except we find out where Arsal and Hareem stand with each other. It’s obvious Arsal still has feelings for Hareem despite messing around with Vareesha,  but Hareem is not so forgiving.

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The dynamics between Arsal and Hareem was a particularly strong aspect here, since that’s all the episode focused on. There was a moment in which Neha moved a finger, and hints that she might recover. Other than that, there really was not a lot of content in this week’s drama and we wish they would speed up the action. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next!

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Kaisa Hai Naseeban is going very strong the past few weeks and has really been offering good quality entertainment. The story is already pretty strong on its own but the music and the setting play a major role in furthering the well-put drama. Qaid comes second and if it only had stronger characters that make an impact like Kaisa Hai Naseeban, it would definitely be higher in our category

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