The biggest drama serial of this year will be airing on ARY Digital. The drama stars the boxoffice ruler Humayun Saeed and Tv’s sensation Ayeza Khan. The drama’s title has been revealed, it is called “Mere Paas Tum Ho”.

Ayeza Khan is undeniably the most well-liked Tv personality in dramas currently as she has received a lot of love on her previous dramas, notably Koi Chand Rakh in recent times.

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While Ayeza Khan tends to rule Tv every now and then, Humayun Saeed dominates the boxoffice. The actor has given many hits and his return to dramas is surely a very pleasant news for all drama lovers. In addition, one the finest writers of our industry, the distinguished playwright Khalil ul Qamar has written the script for this drama.

The drama has been helmed by Nadeem Baig who has the successful franchise of Jawani Phir Nai Ani under his belt. With such a team, the drama was bound to be a magnum opus. The drama’s teaser has not yet been disclosed however we have received word from someone who had the privilege of seeing the teaser of “Mere Pass Tum Ho”

As per the source, the drama appears profound, meaningful and is very different from the run of the mill plotlines which are commonly being seen these days. It is a love triangle however it has been tackled with a different flavor.

Nadeem Baig usually tends to employ comical elements in his films, which are largely missing from this project. The drama in particular is dark and intense. In addition, the drama has been shot well. The direction sets the mood of the drama and makes it appear all the more impactful. The scenes appear intense and demand to be taken seriously.

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The dramatic and filmy teaser also reminds us of Punjab Nahi Jaungi and has a pint of Nadeem Baig’s films amalgamated. Overall the narrative is compelling and different. The drama employs both simplicity and grandeur in its settings.

The beautiful dialogues are bound to cast an emotional impact upon its audiences. With Khalil ul Qamar’s writing, the drama is throbbing with sentiments which form the heart and soul of the drama.

Ayeza Khan looks lovely in the drama while Humayun Saeed as her loving husband, has given a soulful performance. Humayun employs utmost emotions in his delivery, which truly stands out.

Adnan Siddiqui’s character comes across as a surprise. Siddiqui has also given one of his finest performance. His role takes on Humayun Saeed and is one of the most crucial characters of the drama.

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The drama also stars Kubra Khan and Marina Khan in its ensemble cast and will be airing after Eid on ARY digital.

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